Friday, June 22, 2012

1109.5118 (A. Sulaiman et al.)

The thermal denaturation of Peyrard-Bishop model with an external

A. Sulaiman, F. P. Zen, H. Alatas, L. T. Handoko

1110.4721 (Michael Kastner)

Long-time asymptotics of the long-range Emch-Radin model    [PDF]

Michael Kastner

1206.4775 (Junzo Chihara et al.)

The Law of Partial Pressures in Liquid Mixtures and Osmotic Pressures    [PDF]

Junzo Chihara, Mitsuru Yamagiwa, Hikaru Kitamura

1206.4783 (Jose A. Magpantay)

Microscopic Irreversibility and the H Theorem    [PDF]

Jose A. Magpantay

1206.4787 (Simone Ziraldo et al.)

Relaxation dynamics of disordered spin chains: localization and the
existence of a stationary state

Simone Ziraldo, Alessandro Silva, Giuseppe E. Santoro

1206.4811 (Marco D'Alessandro)

Maximum-entropy Monte Carlo method for the inversion of the structure
factor in simple classical systems

Marco D'Alessandro

1206.4820 (Denis Nikolaevich Sob'yanin)

Hierarchical maximum entropy principle for generalized superstatistical
systems and Bose-Einstein condensation of light

Denis Nikolaevich Sob'yanin

1206.4829 (J. Sirker)

Entanglement measures and the quantum to classical mapping    [PDF]

J. Sirker

1206.4959 (Gesualdo Delfino et al.)

Phase separation and interface structure in two dimensions from field

Gesualdo Delfino, Jacopo Viti

1206.4988 (Sean Barrett et al.)

Simulating Quantum Fields with Cavity QED    [PDF]

Sean Barrett, Klemens Hammerer, Sarah Harrison, Tracy E. Northup, Tobias J. Osborne