Friday, January 25, 2013

1201.0848 (Yang Wang et al.)

Bounds of Efficiency at Maximum Power for Normal-, Sub- and
Super-Dissipative Carnot-Like Heat Engines

Yang Wang, Z. C. Tu

1301.5646 (H. Bernigau et al.)

Area laws for thermal free fermions    [PDF]

H. Bernigau, M. J. Kastoryano, J. Eisert

1301.5692 (Blerta Shtylla et al.)

A theoretical model for attachment lifetimes of
kinetochore-microtubules: Mechano-kinetic "catch-bond" mechanism for

Blerta Shtylla, Debashish Chowdhury

1301.5747 (O. Afsar et al.)

Renormalized entropy for one dimensional discrete maps: periodic and
quasi-periodic route to chaos and their robustness

O. Afsar, G. B. Bagci, U. Tirnakli

1301.5769 (Satoshi Takabe et al.)

Minimum vertex cover problems on random hypergraphs: replica symmetric
solution and a leaf removal algorithm

Satoshi Takabe, Koji Hukushima

1301.5775 (Vladimir V. Bazhanov et al.)

Comment on star-star relations in statistical mechanics and elliptic
gamma-function identities

Vladimir V. Bazhanov, Andrew P. Kels, Sergey M. Sergeev

1301.5794 (Zoe Budrikis et al.)

Size effects in dislocation depinning models for plastic yield    [PDF]

Zoe Budrikis, Stefano Zapperi

1301.5853 (Peter Ortoleva et al.)

Hierarchical Multiscale Modeling of Macromolecules and their Assemblies    [PDF]

Peter Ortoleva, Abhishek Singharoy, Stephen Pankavich

1301.5890 (Robert Grossmann et al.)

Self-propelled particles with selective attraction-repulsion interaction
- From microscopic dynamics to hydrodynamics

Robert Grossmann, Lutz Schimansky-Geier, Pawel Romanczuk

1301.5898 (Florent Krzakala et al.)

Phase Diagram and Approximate Message Passing for Blind Calibration and
Dictionary Learning

Florent Krzakala, Marc Mézard, Lenka Zdeborová