Tuesday, January 1, 2013

1208.1694 (David R. Souza et al.)

Stochastic dynamics of dengue epidemics    [PDF]

David R. Souza, Tânia Tomé, Suani T. R. Pinho, Florisneide R. Barreto, Mário J. de Oliveira

1212.6369 (S. Ajisaka et al.)

Current in coherent quantum systems connected to mesoscopic Fermi

S. Ajisaka, F. Barra, C. Mejia-Monasterio, T. Prosen

1212.6377 (Saswati Ganguly et al.)

Non-affine displacements in crystalline solids in the harmonic limit    [PDF]

Saswati Ganguly, Surajit Sengupta, Peter Sollich, Madan Rao

1212.6415 (Evy Salcedo et al.)

Relation between occupation in the first coordination shells and Widom
line in Core-Softened Potentials

Evy Salcedo, Ney Barraz, Marcia Barbosa

1212.6419 (Jodok Happacher et al.)

Phase diagram of $^{4}$He on graphene    [PDF]

Jodok Happacher, Philippe Corboz, Massimo Boninsegni, Lode Pollet

1212.6547 (Maximilien Levesque et al.)

Molecular diffusion between walls with adsorption and desorption    [PDF]

Maximilien Levesque, Olivier Bénichou, Benjamin Rotenberg

1212.6586 (Saikishan Suryanarayanan et al.)

The Turbulent 'Mixing' Layer as a Problem in the Non-equilibrium
Statistical Mechanics of a Vortex Gas

Saikishan Suryanarayanan, Roddam Narasimha, N. D. Hari Dass

1212.6589 (Tameem Albash et al.)

Fluctuation theorems for quantum processes    [PDF]

Tameem Albash, Daniel A. Lidar, Milad Marvian, Paolo Zanardi

1212.6601 (V. Sasidevan et al.)

Co-action equilibria and strategy switchings in a stochastic minority

V. Sasidevan, Deepak Dhar

1212.6649 (Pratyush Tiwary et al.)

Accelerated Molecular Dynamics through stochastic iterations to
strengthen yield of path hopping over upper states (SISYPHUS)

Pratyush Tiwary, Axel van de Walle

1212.6726 (Takashi Mori)

Exactness of the mean-field dynamics in the optical cavity system    [PDF]

Takashi Mori

1212.6767 (Alexander N. Gorban)

General H-theorem and entropies that violate the second law    [PDF]

Alexander N. Gorban

1212.6800 (Vladimir V. Bazhanov et al.)

An Elliptic Parameterisation of the Zamolodchikov Model    [PDF]

Vladimir V. Bazhanov, Vladimir V. Mangazeev, Yuichiro Okada, Sergey M. Sergeev

1212.6812 (C. M. Herdman et al.)

Geometric properties of loop condensed phases on the square lattice    [PDF]

C. M. Herdman, K. B. Whaley

1212.6827 (Ajeet K. Sharma et al.)

Template-directed biopolymerization: tape-copying Turing machines    [PDF]

Ajeet K. Sharma, Debashish Chowdhury

1212.6875 (Shiqi Sheng et al.)

Universal Coefficient of Performance at Maximum Figure of Merit for
Tight-Coupling Refrigerators

Shiqi Sheng, Z. C. Tu

1212.6908 (L. Bertini et al.)

From level 2.5 to level 2 large deviations for continuous time Markov

L. Bertini, A. Faggionato, D. Gabrielli

1212.6946 (Ariel Caticha)

The Entropic Dynamics of Relativistic Quantum Fields    [PDF]

Ariel Caticha

1212.6947 (T. Ooshida et al.)

Analytical Calculation of Four-Point Correlations for a Simple Model of
Cages Involving Numerous Particles

T. Ooshida, S. Goto, T. Matsumoto, A. Nakahara, M. Otsuki

1212.6965 (Yifei Shi et al.)

Full counting statistics and the Edgeworth series for matrix product

Yifei Shi, Israel Klich

1212.6967 (Ariel Caticha)

Entropic Inference: some pitfalls and paradoxes we can avoid    [PDF]

Ariel Caticha