Tuesday, May 29, 2012

1101.5056 (Germano D'Abramo)

The Peculiar Status of the Second Law of Thermodynamics and the Quest
for its Violation

Germano D'Abramo

1108.3302 (Jack Lidmar)

Improving the efficiency of extended ensemble simulations: The
accelerated weight histogram method

Jack Lidmar

1108.4533 (Tomoaki Nogawa et al.)

Transition by Breaking of Analyticity in the Ground State of Josephson
Junction Arrays as a Static Signature of the Vortex Jamming Transition

Tomoaki Nogawa, Hajime Yoshino, Bongsoo Kim

1109.3033 (D. V. Prokhorenko et al.)

Two models of protoplasm microstructure of the living cell in resting

D. V. Prokhorenko, V. V. Matveev

1205.5884 (Pyoung-Seop Shim et al.)

Percolation transitions with nonlocal constraint    [PDF]

Pyoung-Seop Shim, Hyun Keun Lee, Jae Dong Noh

1205.5893 (F. Y. Wu et al.)

Critical manifold of the Potts model: Exact results and homogeneity

F. Y. Wu, Wenan Guo

1205.5901 (Malte Henkel)

Causality from dynamical symmetry: an example from local

Malte Henkel

1205.5973 (Ronald Dickman)

Discontinuous phase transition in a dimer lattice gas    [PDF]

Ronald Dickman

1205.5974 (Marcelo Martins de Oliveira et al.)

A symbiotic two-species contact process    [PDF]

Marcelo Martins de Oliveira, Renato Vieira Dos Santos, Ronald Dickman

1205.5977 (Viola Folli et al.)

Shaken Granular Lasers    [PDF]

Viola Folli, Andrea Puglisi, Luca Leuzzi, Claudio Conti

1205.6042 (Kavita Jain et al.)

Fixation of mutators in asexual populations: the role of genetic drift
and epistasis

Kavita Jain, Apoorva Nagar

1205.6052 (Hao Ge et al.)

Analytical Mechanics in Stochastic Dynamics: Most Probable Path,
Large-Deviation Rate Function and Hamilton-Jacobi Equation

Hao Ge, Hong Qian

1205.6070 (V. Chikkadi et al.)

Shear-induced anisotropic decay of correlations in hard-sphere colloidal

V. Chikkadi, S. Mandal, B. Nienhuis, D. Raabe, F. Varnik, P. Schall

1205.6079 (T. S. Biró et al.)

Non-extensive statistics, relativistic kinetic theory and fluid dynamics    [PDF]

T. S. Biró, E. Molnár

1205.6084 (Angel R. Plastino et al.)

Nonlinear Schroedinger Equation in the Presence of Uniform Acceleration    [PDF]

Angel R. Plastino, Constantino Tsallis

1205.6090 (Hayato Shiba et al.)

Relationship between bond-breakage correlations and four-point
correlations in heterogeneous glassy dynamics: Configuration changes and
vibration modes

Hayato Shiba, Takeshi Kawasaki, Akira Onuki

1205.6119 (G. Baris Bagci et al.)

The Second Law For the Transitions Between the Non-equilibrium Steady

G. Baris Bagci, Ugur Tirnakli, Juergen Kurths

1205.6126 (Alessandro Fiasconaro et al.)

A dynamical model for the full stretching curve of DNA    [PDF]

Alessandro Fiasconaro, Fernando falo

1205.6131 (Piero Chiarelli)

Is the quantum hydrodynamic analogy more general than the Schrödinger

Piero Chiarelli