Monday, June 11, 2012

1102.0933 (Elena Agliari et al.)

Can persistent Epstein-Barr virus infection induce Chronic Fatigue
Syndrome as a Pavlov reflex of the immune response?

Elena Agliari, Adriano Barra, Kristian Gervasi Vidal, Francesco Guerra

1103.5242 (Hugo Jacquin et al.)

Field theoretic formulation of a mode-coupling equation for colloids    [PDF]

Hugo Jacquin, Frédéric Van Wijland

1109.6567 (Zongzheng Zhou et al.)

Crossover from Isotropic to Directed Percolation    [PDF]

Zongzheng Zhou, Ji Yang, Robert M. Ziff, Youjin Deng

1206.1664 (Daniel Escaff et al.)

Synchronization of globally coupled two-state stochastic oscillators
with a state dependent refractory period

Daniel Escaff, Upendra Harbola, Katja Lindenberg

1206.1723 (Pulak Kumar Ghosh et al.)

Geometric Stochastic Resonance    [PDF]

Pulak Kumar Ghosh, Fabio Marchesoni, Sergey E. Savel'ev, Franco Nori

1206.1726 (Gian Luca Giorgi et al.)

Genuine correlations in finite-size spin systems    [PDF]

Gian Luca Giorgi, Thomas Busch

1206.1742 (Antonio Celani et al.)

Anomalous thermodynamics at the micro-scale    [PDF]

Antonio Celani, Stefano Bo, Ralf Eichhorn, Erik Aurell

1206.1792 (K. Yu. Khromov et al.)

Studies of concentration and temperature dependencies of precipitation
kinetics in iron-copper alloys using kinetic monte carlo and stochastic
statistical simulations

K. Yu. Khromov, V. G. Vaks, I. A. Zhuravlev

1206.1805 (M. E. Cates et al.)

Motility-induced phase separation in active Brownian particles    [PDF]

M. E. Cates, J. Tailleur

1206.1810 (Jianhui Wang et al.)

Efficiency at maximum power output of an irreversible Carnot-like cycle
with internally dissipative friction

Jianhui Wang, Jizhou He

1206.1842 (P. L. Krapivsky et al.)

Fluctuations of Current in Non-Stationary Diffusive Lattice Gases    [PDF]

P. L. Krapivsky, Baruch Meerson

1206.1847 (Yamen Hamdouni)

A novel nontrivial bosonic representation of spin operators in the large
$N$ limit at high temperatures

Yamen Hamdouni