Friday, February 24, 2012

1104.1294 (H. C. Pennate-Rodriguez et al.)

Quantum Zeno and anti-Zeno effects in surface diffusion of interacting

H. C. Pennate-Rodriguez, R. Martinez-Casado, G. Rojas-Lorenzo, A. S. Sanz, S. Miret-Artes

1110.2327 (Ryuichi Okamoto et al.)

Casimir amplitudes and capillary condensation of near-critical fluids
between parallel plates: Renormalized local functional theory

Ryuichi Okamoto, Akira Onuki

1112.0145 (Yuki Nakano et al.)

Finite-temperature phase structures of hard-core bosons in an optical
lattice with an effective magnetic field

Yuki Nakano, Kenichi Kasamatsu, Tetsuo Matsui

1112.3803 (Sang Hoon Lee et al.)

Neutral theory of chemical reaction networks    [PDF]

Sang Hoon Lee, Sebastian Bernhardsson, Petter Holme, Beom Jun Kim, Petter Minnhagen

1202.5052 (Sergio Andraus et al.)

Dyson's Brownian Motion Model as a Special Case of Dunkl Processes and
Dunkl's Intertwining Operators

Sergio Andraus, Makoto Katori, Seiji Miyashita

1202.5053 (Guy Bunin et al.)

Dynamics of Energy Fluctuations in Equilibrating and Driven-Dissipative

Guy Bunin, Yariv Kafri

1202.5059 (C. Reichhardt et al.)

Statics and Dynamics of Yukawa Cluster Crystals on Ordered Substrates    [PDF]

C. Reichhardt, C. J. Olson Reichhardt

1202.5060 (G. A. Levin et al.)

Energy Transport in Closed Quantum Systems    [PDF]

G. A. Levin, W. A. Jones, K. Walczak, K. L. Yerkes

1202.5062 (A. Aharony et al.)

Limitations on the Ginzburg criterion for dirty superconductors    [PDF]

A. Aharony, O. Entin-Wohlman, H. Bary-Soroker, Y. Imry

1202.5089 (Akira Onuki et al.)

Selective solvation in aqueous mixtures: Interface deformations and

Akira Onuki, Takeaki Araki

1202.5116 (Mohammad Khorrami et al.)

Autonomous models solvable through the full interval method    [PDF]

Mohammad Khorrami, Amir Aghamohammadi

1202.5253 (Luigi Cantini et al.)

A one-parameter refinement of the Razumov-Stroganov correspondence    [PDF]

Luigi Cantini, Andrea Sportiello

1202.5277 (Anushya Chandran et al.)

The Kibble-Zurek Problem: Universality and the Scaling Limit    [PDF]

Anushya Chandran, Amir Erez, Steven S. Gubser, S. L. Sondhi

1202.5299 (Jianbo Gao et al.)

Culturomics meets random fractal theory: Insights into long-range
correlations of social and natural phenomena over the past two centuries

Jianbo Gao, Jing Hu, Xiang Mao, Matjaz Perc