Monday, July 29, 2013

1307.6856 (Filip Kos et al.)

Bootstrapping the O(N) Vector Models    [PDF]

Filip Kos, David Poland, David Simmons-Duffin

1307.6891 (Michele Castellana)

The Renormalization Group for Disordered Systems    [PDF]

Michele Castellana

1307.6899 (Yan-Jiun Chen et al.)

Universal scaling function for the two-dimensional Ising model in an
external field: A pragmatic approach

Yan-Jiun Chen, Natalie M. Paquette, Benjamin B. Machta, James P. Sethna

1307.6952 (Shai Cohen et al.)

Solvent-diluted Block Copolymers: Bulk and Interfacial Phenomena    [PDF]

Shai Cohen, David Andelman

1307.7027 (Peter Degenfeld-Schonburg et al.)

Self-Consistent Projection Operator Approach to Quantum Many-Body

Peter Degenfeld-Schonburg, Michael J. Hartmann

1307.7094 (Wenjia Liu et al.)

Modeling interacting dynamic networks: I. Preferred degree networks and
their characteristics

Wenjia Liu, Shivakumar Jolad, Beate Schmittmann, R. K. P. Zia

1307.7101 (Arthur V. Straube et al.)

Synchronous versus asynchronous transport of a paramagnetic particle in
a modulated ratchet potential

Arthur V. Straube, Pietro Tierno

1307.7108 (Pere Seglar et al.)

Classical limit of the canonical partition function    [PDF]

Pere Seglar, Enric PĂ©rez

1307.7128 (Y. Mishin et al.)

Irreversible thermodynamics of creep in crystalline solids    [PDF]

Y. Mishin, J. A. Warren, R. F. Sekerka, W. J. Boettinger