Tuesday, October 23, 2012

1210.5519 (Sylvain Capponi et al.)

p6 - Chiral Resonating Valence Bonds in the Kagome Antiferomagnet    [PDF]

Sylvain Capponi, V. Ravi Chandra, Assa Auerbach, Marvin Weinstein

1210.5527 (Paul Fendley et al.)

Fibonacci topological order from quantum nets    [PDF]

Paul Fendley, Sergei V. Isakov, Matthias Troyer

1210.5592 (Maxime Champion et al.)

Gravitation in the Microcanonical Ensemble: Appropriate Scaling Leading
to Extensivity and Thermalization

Maxime Champion, Angel Alastuey, Thierry Dauxois, Stefano Ruffo

1210.5618 (Tomoshige Miyaguchi et al.)

Ergodic properties of continuous-time random walks: finite-size effects
and ensemble dependences

Tomoshige Miyaguchi, Takuma Akimoto

1210.5661 (Philipp Strasberg et al.)

Hardwiring a Maxwell demon    [PDF]

Philipp Strasberg, Gernot Schaller, Tobias Brandes, Massimiliano Esposito

1210.5665 (Maria Rita Fumagalli et al.)

Speed of evolution in large asexual populations with diminishing returns    [PDF]

Maria Rita Fumagalli, Matteo Osella, Philippe Thomen, Francois Heslot, Marco Cosentino Lagomarsino

1210.5707 (Hon Wai Lau et al.)

Information theoretic aspects of the two-dimensional Ising model    [PDF]

Hon Wai Lau, Peter Grasberger

1210.5744 (E. Kogan)

All approaches to RKKY interaction in graphene are equal, but some
approaches are more equal than others

E. Kogan

1210.5793 (Daun Jeong et al.)

Reconstructing Equilibrium Entropy and Enthalpy Profiles from
Non-equilibrium Pulling

Daun Jeong, Ioan Andricioaei

1210.5798 (Fei Liu)

Operator equality on entropy production in quantum Markovian master

Fei Liu

1210.5819 (Jacopo Grilli et al.)

Absence of Detailed Balance in Ecology    [PDF]

Jacopo Grilli, Sandro Azaele, Jayanth R. Banavar, Amos Maritan

1210.5821 (Peter Reimann)

Equilibration of Isolated Macroscopic Quantum Systems under
Experimentally Realistic Conditions

Peter Reimann

1210.5843 (E. Trizac et al.)

Like-charge colloidal attraction: a simple argument    [PDF]

E. Trizac, L. Samaj

1210.5853 (Qi Zhou et al.)

The Fate of Bose-Einstein Condensate in the Presence of Spin-Orbit

Qi Zhou, Xiaoling Cui

1210.5871 (T. Guérin et al.)

Reactive conformations and non-Markovian reaction kinetics of a Rouse
polymer searching for a target in confinement

T. Guérin, O. Bénichou, R. Voituriez

1210.5900 (Minoru Biyajima et al.)

Analysis of residual spectra and the monopole spectrum for 3 K blackbody
radiation by means of non-extensive thermostatistics

Minoru Biyajima, Takuya Mizoguchi

1210.5915 (Luce Prignano et al.)

Tuning synchronization of integrate-and-fire oscillators through

Luce Prignano, Oleguer Sagarra, Albert Díaz-Guilera

1210.5919 (R. Vasseur et al.)

Phase Diagram of Ferroelastic Systems in the Presence of Disorder:
Analytical Model and Experimental Verification

R. Vasseur, D. Xue, Y. Zhou, W. Ettoumi, X. Ding, X. Ren, T. Lookman

1210.5952 (Silvio Franz et al.)

Finite-size critical fluctuations in microscopic models of mode-coupling

Silvio Franz, Mauro Sellitto