Monday, December 10, 2012

1104.1331 (G. De Chiara et al.)

Entanglement Spectrum, Critical Exponents and Order Parameters in
Quantum Spin Chains

G. De Chiara, L. Lepori, M. Lewenstein, A. Sanpera

1212.1528 (Bogdan Damski)

Fidelity susceptibility of the quantum Ising model in the transverse

Bogdan Damski

1212.1536 (David B. Saakian)

The calculation of multi-fractal properties of directed random walks on
hierarchic trees with continuous branching

David B. Saakian

1212.1539 (Arax Martirosyan et al.)

Exact results in the large system size limit for the dynamics of the
Chemical Master Equation, a one dimensional chain of equations

Arax Martirosyan, David B. Saakian

1212.1551 (Vincent Démery et al.)

From microstructural features to effective toughness in disordered
brittle solids

Vincent Démery, Laurent Ponson, Alberto Rosso

1212.1588 (W. T. Kranz et al.)

The Glass Transition in Driven Granular Fluids: A Mode-Coupling Approach    [PDF]

W. T. Kranz, M. Sperl, A. Zippelius

1212.1600 (Peter H. Poole et al.)

Free energy surface of ST2 water near the liquid-liquid phase transition    [PDF]

Peter H. Poole, Richard K. Bowles, Ivan Saika-Voivod, Francesco Sciortino

1212.1608 (Stefano Bo et al.)

Entropic anomaly and maximal efficiency of microscopic heat engines    [PDF]

Stefano Bo, Antonio Celani

1212.1628 (Pierluigi Contucci et al.)

Interaction Flip Identities for non Centered Spin Glasses    [PDF]

Pierluigi Contucci, Cristian Giardina', Claudio Giberti