Tuesday, August 21, 2012

1208.4039 (Anne Mounier et al.)

The Hatano-Sasa equality: transitions between steady states in a
granular gas

Anne Mounier, Antoine Naert

1208.3688 (Jeremi K. Ochab et al.)

Maximal entropy random walk in community finding    [PDF]

Jeremi K. Ochab, Zdzisław Burda

1208.3720 (Salvatore Torquato et al.)

Effect of Dimensionality on the Continuum Percolation of Overlapping
Hyperspheres and Hypercubes: II. Simulation Results and Analyses

Salvatore Torquato, Yang Jiao

1208.3757 (Edward Farhi et al.)

The performance of the quantum adiabatic algorithm on random instances
of two optimization problems on regular hypergraphs

Edward Farhi, David Gosset, Itay Hen, A. W. Sandvik, Peter Shor, A. P. Young, Francesco Zamponi

1208.3804 (John J. Williamson et al.)

The effects of polydispersity and metastability on crystal growth

John J. Williamson, R. Mike L. Evans

1208.3825 (Tokuro Shimokawa et al.)

Magnetization curve of the kagome-strip-lattice antiferromagnet    [PDF]

Tokuro Shimokawa, Hiroki Nakano

1208.3860 (V. A. De Lorenci et al.)

Light-cone fluctuations and the renormalized stress tensor of a massless
scalar field

V. A. De Lorenci, G. Menezes, N. F. Svaiter

1208.3932 (Stephan Korden)

Beyond the Rosenfeld Functional: Loop Contributions in Fundamental
Measure Theory

Stephan Korden

1208.3948 (Jang-il Sohn)

Path Entropy Changes in Quasi-Static Approach    [PDF]

Jang-il Sohn

1208.3957 (M. E. Cates)

Diffusive transport without detailed balance in motile bacteria: Does
microbiology need statistical physics?

M. E. Cates

1208.3969 (Guillaume Michel et al.)

A local fluctuation theorem for large systems    [PDF]

Guillaume Michel, Debra J. Searles

1208.3995 (Gabriel T. Landi et al.)

Linear response theory for arbitrary periodic signals    [PDF]

Gabriel T. Landi, Mario J. de Oliveira

1208.4033 (A. J. A. James et al.)

Understanding the entanglement entropy and spectra of 2D quantum systems
through arrays of coupled 1D chains

A. J. A. James, R. M. Konik

1208.4089 (Jiajia Dong et al.)

Entrainment and unit velocity: Surprises in an accelerated exclusion

Jiajia Dong, Stefan Klumpp, Royce K. P. Zia

1208.4091 (Attila Szolnoki et al.)

Wisdom of groups promotes cooperation in evolutionary social dilemmas    [PDF]

Attila Szolnoki, Zhen Wang, Matjaz Perc