Thursday, May 3, 2012

1107.2138 (Armen E. Allahverdyan et al.)

Understanding quantum measurement from the solution of dynamical models    [PDF]

Armen E. Allahverdyan, Roger Balian, Theo M. Nieuwenhuizen

1201.4121 (Asja Jelić et al.)

A bottleneck model for bidirectional transport controlled by

Asja Jelić, Cécile Appert-Rolland, Ludger Santen

1205.0026 (Ronen Vosk et al.)

Many-body localization in one dimension as a dynamical renormalization
group fixed point

Ronen Vosk, Ehud Altman

1205.0031 (A. M. Zagoskin et al.)

Squeezing as the source of inefficiency in the quantum Otto cycle    [PDF]

A. M. Zagoskin, S. Savel'ev, Franco Nori, F. V. Kusmartsev

1205.0072 (Shelley L. Taylor et al.)

Temperature as an external field for colloid-polymer mixtures :
"quenching" by heating and "melting" by cooling

Shelley L. Taylor, Robert Evans, C. Patrick Royall

1205.0109 (John Schliemann et al.)

Entanglement Spectra of Heisenberg Ladders of higher Spin    [PDF]

John Schliemann, Andreas M. Läuchli

1205.0116 (Yuki Uematsu et al.)

Effects of strongly selective additives on volume phase transition in

Yuki Uematsu, Takeaki Araki

1205.0211 (Parongama Sen)

A non-conservative kinetic exchange model of opinion dynamics with
randomness and bounded confidence

Parongama Sen

1205.0223 (Arūnas Radzvilavičius)

Geometrical defects in two-dimensional melting of many-particle Yukawa

Arūnas Radzvilavičius

1205.0247 (L. A. Fernandez et al.)

Numerical test of the Cardy-Jacobsen conjecture in the site-diluted
Potts model in three dimensions

L. A. Fernandez, A. Gordillo-Guerrero, V. Martin-Mayor, J. J. Ruiz-Lorenzo

1205.0251 (Tommaso Tufarelli et al.)

Quantumness of correlations and entanglement are different resources    [PDF]

Tommaso Tufarelli, Davide Girolami, Ruggero Vasile, Sougato Bose, Gerardo Adesso

1205.0274 (L. G. López et al.)

Comment on: "Effect of polydispersity on the ordering transition of
adsorbed self-assembled rigid rods"

L. G. López, D. H. Linares, A. J. Ramirez-Pastor

1205.0294 (Gulmammad Mammadov)

Active Brownian motion of an asymmetric rigid particle    [PDF]

Gulmammad Mammadov

1205.0370 (Elena Canovi et al.)

Many-body localization and thermalization in the full probability
distribution function of observables

Elena Canovi, Davide Rossini, Rosario Fazio, Giuseppe E. Santoro, Alessandro Silva

1205.0445 (J. Beltrán et al.)

Tunneling and Metastability of continuous time Markov chains II, the
nonreversible case

J. Beltrán, C. Landim

1205.0461 (Laurent Boué et al.)

Temperature suppression of Kelvin-wave turbulence in superfluids    [PDF]

Laurent Boué, Victor L'vov, Itamar Procaccia

1205.0471 (Matheus J. Lazo et al.)

Asymmetric exclusion model with several kinds of impurities    [PDF]

Matheus J. Lazo, Anderson A. Ferreira