Thursday, December 13, 2012

1101.6035 (Tom Heitmann et al.)

Modified percolation theory and its relevance to quantum critical

Tom Heitmann, John Gaddy, Wouter Montfrooij

1201.4284 (Tang Suye)

Internal Heat Energy, Entropy and The Second Law: A New Approach to
Theoretical Thermodynamics

Tang Suye

1212.2647 (Pawel Jakubczyk et al.)

Thermal Casimir forces for the O(N)-models from functional

Pawel Jakubczyk, Marek Napiorkowski

1212.2663 (F. A. L. Mauguiere et al.)

Single versus double bond breakage in a Morse chain under tension:
higher index saddles and bond healing

F. A. L. Mauguiere, P. Collins, G. S. Ezra, S. Wiggins

1212.2678 (Lingzhen Guo et al.)

Quantum critical temperature of a modulated oscillator    [PDF]

Lingzhen Guo, Vittorio Peano, M. Marthaler, M. I. Dykman

1212.2706 (Jae Dong Noh)

Stochastic Echo Phenomena in Nonequilibrium Systems    [PDF]

Jae Dong Noh

1212.2767 (Ioannis Psorakis et al.)

Bayesian one-mode projection for dynamic bipartite graphs    [PDF]

Ioannis Psorakis, Iead Rezek, Zach Frankel, Stephen J. Roberts

1212.2773 (A. N. Ignatenko et al.)

Strong fluctuations near the frustration point in cubic ferromagnets
with localized moments

A. N. Ignatenko, A. A. Katanin, V. Yu. Irkhin

1212.2829 (Debarshee Bagchi)

Spin diffusion in one-dimensional classical Heisenberg mode    [PDF]

Debarshee Bagchi

1212.2935 (Shi-Zeng Lin et al.)

Role of kinetic inductance in transport properties of shunted
superconducting nanowires

Shi-Zeng Lin, Dibyendu Roy

1212.2956 (Paul Chleboun et al.)

Time scale separation in the low temperature East model: Rigorous

Paul Chleboun, Alessandra Faggionato, Fabio Martinelli