Tuesday, August 28, 2012

1108.1734 (Garry Goldstein et al.)

Exact Zero Modes in Closed Systems of Interacting Fermions    [PDF]

Garry Goldstein, Claudio Chamon

1208.5048 (R. M. S. Ferreira et al.)

Analytical results for long time behavior in anomalous diffusion    [PDF]

R. M. S. Ferreira, M. V. S. Santos, C. C. Donato, J. S. Andrade Jr, F. A. Oliveira

1208.5052 (Peter Ronhovde et al.)

Local multiresolution order in community detection    [PDF]

Peter Ronhovde, Zohar Nussinov

1208.5077 (Peter N. Meisinger et al.)

PT Symmetry in Classical and Quantum Statistical Mechanics    [PDF]

Peter N. Meisinger, Michael C. Ogilvie

1208.5081 (Hendrick W. de Haan et al.)

Monte Carlo Approaches for Simulating a Particle at a Diffusivity
Interface and the "Ito--Stratonovich Dilemma"

Hendrick W. de Haan, Mykyta V. Chubynsky, Gary W. Slater

1208.5103 (Hiroaki Matsueda)

Embedding Quantum Information into Classical Spacetime: Perspective to
Tsallis Statistics and AdS/CFT Correspondence

Hiroaki Matsueda

1208.5105 (Phil Attard)

Optimising Principle for Non-Equilibrium Phase Transitions and Pattern
Formation with Results for Heat Convection

Phil Attard

1208.5106 (Hiroaki Matsueda)

Topology and Geometric Structure of Branching MERA Network    [PDF]

Hiroaki Matsueda

1208.5110 (Rong-Tao Qiu et al.)

Mean first-passage time of quantum transition processes    [PDF]

Rong-Tao Qiu, Wu-Sheng Dai, Mi Xie

1208.5147 (David Hansmann et al.)

Coarse grained approach for volume conserving models    [PDF]

David Hansmann, Rubén C. Buceta

1208.5153 (Taro Nagao)

Spectral Density of Complex Networks with Two Species of Nodes    [PDF]

Taro Nagao

1208.5252 (Roberto Venegeroles)

Thermodynamic phase transitions for Pomeau-Manneville maps    [PDF]

Roberto Venegeroles

1208.5263 (Sven Bachmann)

On ground state phases of quantum spin systems    [PDF]

Sven Bachmann

1208.5305 (Hiroaki Matsueda)

VBS/CFT Correspondence and Thermal Tensor Network    [PDF]

Hiroaki Matsueda

1208.5347 (Vanchna Singh et al.)

Hysteresis in a magnetic bead and its applications    [PDF]

Vanchna Singh, Varsha Banerjee

1208.5466 (Vladimir Kulinskii)

The application of the global isomorphism to the surface tension of the
liquid-vapor interface of the Lennard-Jones fluids

Vladimir Kulinskii

1208.5469 (Octavio D. R. Salmon et al.)

Qualitative Aspects of the Phase Diagrams of $J_{1}-J_{2}$ Model in the
Cubic Lattice

Octavio D. R. Salmon, Nuno Crokidakis, Minos A. Neto, Igor T. Padilha, J. Roberto Viana, J. Ricardo de Sousa