Tuesday, July 16, 2013

1307.3564 (V. V. Prasad et al.)

High Energy Tail of the Velocity Distribution of Driven Inelastic Gases    [PDF]

V. V. Prasad, Sanjib Sabhapandit, Abhishek Dhar

1307.3603 (Yoshihiro Nishiyama)

Criticalities of the transverse- and longitudinal-field fidelity
susceptibilities for the d=2 quantum Ising model

Yoshihiro Nishiyama

1307.3611 (R. G. Pereyra et al.)

On the relation between hydrogen bonds, tetrahedral order and molecular
mobility in model water

R. G. Pereyra, A. Bermudez di Lorenzo, D. C. Malaspina, M. A. Carignano

1307.3645 (Mehdi Molkaraie et al.)

Partition Function of the Ising Model via Factor Graph Duality    [PDF]

Mehdi Molkaraie, Hans-Andrea Loeliger

1307.3670 (Vittorio Peano et al.)

Quantum fluctuations in modulated nonlinear oscillators    [PDF]

Vittorio Peano, M I Dykman

1307.3703 (Ryo Tamura et al.)

Phase Transitions with Discrete Symmetry Breaking in Antiferromagnetic
Heisenberg Models on a Triangular Lattice

Ryo Tamura, Shu Tanaka, Naoki Kawashima

1307.3729 (Timothy J. H. Hele et al.)

Derivation of a true (t->0+) quantum transition-state theory. Part I:
Uniqueness and equivalence to ring-polymer molecular dynamics

Timothy J. H. Hele, Stuart C. Althorpe

1307.3738 (Matteo Marcuzzi et al.)

Pre-thermalization in a non-integrable quantum spin chain after a quench    [PDF]

Matteo Marcuzzi, Jamir Marino, Andrea Gambassi, Alessandro Silva

1307.3768 (Alan Gabel et al.)

Highly Dispersed Networks    [PDF]

Alan Gabel, P. L. Krapivsky, S. Redner

1307.3786 (Ray Ng et al.)

Simulation of the Dynamics of Many-Body Quantum Spin Systems Using
Phase-Space Techniques

Ray Ng, Piotr Deuar, Erik Sorensen

1307.3820 (B. B. Wei et al.)

Solvable Lattice Gas Models with Three Phases    [PDF]

B. B. Wei, C. N. Yang

1307.3826 (A. Kashuba)

Critical phenomena in the bifurcation line's perspective    [PDF]

A. Kashuba

1307.3865 (T. Nagai et al.)

Crossover scaling in the two-dimensional three-state Potts model    [PDF]

T. Nagai, Y. Okamoto, W. Janke

1307.3866 (D. Blackmore et al.)

A new exactly solvable spatially one-dimensional quantum superradiance
fermi-medium model and its quantum solitonic states

D. Blackmore, A. Prykarpatsky

1307.3867 (N. N. Bogolubov et al.)

A current algebra approach to the equilibrium classical statistical
mechanics and its applications

N. N. Bogolubov, A. K. Prykarpatsky

1307.3869 (M. A. Korynevskii et al.)

Ferroelectric order parameter in the two-particle cluster system near
phase transition point: collective variables method

M. A. Korynevskii, V. B. Solovyan

1307.3871 (A. Ramezanpour)

Multilayer wave functions: A recursive coupling of local excitations    [PDF]

A. Ramezanpour

1307.3950 (Carlos P. Herrero et al.)

Configurational entropy of ice from thermodynamic integration    [PDF]

Carlos P. Herrero, Rafael Ramirez

1307.3953 (Benjamin Aaronson et al.)

Hierarchy and dynamics of trace distance correlations    [PDF]

Benjamin Aaronson, Rosario Lo Franco, Giuseppe Compagno, Gerardo Adesso

1307.3960 (S. Faldella et al.)

Complete spectrum and scalar products for the open spin-1/2 XXZ quantum
chains with non-diagonal boundary terms

S. Faldella, N. Kitanine, G. Niccoli

1307.3979 (Wolfgang Lechner et al.)

Self-organized defect strings in two-dimensional crystals    [PDF]

Wolfgang Lechner, David Polster, Georg Maret, Peter Keim, Christoph Dellago

1307.3987 (Timo Dewenter et al.)

Exact ground states of one-dimensional long-range random-field Ising

Timo Dewenter, Alexander K. Hartmann

1307.3993 (G. Bimonte et al.)

Conformal Field Theory of Critical Casimir Interactions in 2D    [PDF]

G. Bimonte, T. Emig, M. Kardar

1307.3997 (Hugo Jacquin)

Glass and jamming transition of simple liquids: static and dynamic

Hugo Jacquin

1307.3998 (Kyogo Kawaguchi et al.)

Nonequilibrium dissipation-free transport in F1-ATPase and the
thermodynamic role of asymmetric allosterism

Kyogo Kawaguchi, Shin-ichi Sasa, Takahiro Sagawa

1307.4017 (Dorje C. Brody et al.)

Information Geometry of Complex Hamiltonians and Exceptional Points    [PDF]

Dorje C. Brody, Eva-Maria Graefe

1307.4018 (Francesco Caravelli)

Power law spectrum-density after quantum quench on scale-free graphs    [PDF]

Francesco Caravelli

1307.4030 (Ingo Scholtes et al.)

Slow-Down vs. Speed-Up of Information Diffusion in Non-Markovian
Temporal Networks

Ingo Scholtes, Nicolas Wider, Rene Pfitzner, Antonios Garas, Claudio Juan Tessone, Frank Schweitzer