Tuesday, November 20, 2012

1211.4037 (Steven A. Frank)

Natural selection. V. How to read the fundamental equations of
evolutionary change in terms of information theory

Steven A. Frank

1211.4071 (Cem Yolcu et al.)

Effective field theory approach to fluctuation-induced forces between
colloids at an interface

Cem Yolcu, Ira Z. Rothstein, Markus Deserno

1211.4082 (B. I. Lev et al.)

Model of phase transitions with coupling of the order parameter and its

B. I. Lev, A. G. Zagorodny

1211.4083 (Deepika Janakiraman et al.)

Path Integral Formulation for Lévy Flights - Evaluation of the
Propagator for Free, Linear and Harmonic Potentials in the Over- and
Underdamped Limits

Deepika Janakiraman, K. L. Sebastian

1211.4119 (A. A. Kozhevnikov)

Bose gas in power-like spherically symmetric potential in arbitrary
spatial dimensionality

A. A. Kozhevnikov

1211.4167 (Yuriy E. Kuzovlev et al.)

On origin and statistical characteristics of 1/f-noise    [PDF]

Yuriy E. Kuzovlev, German N. Bochkov

1211.4200 (Ovidiu I. Patu et al.)

Correlation lengths of the repulsive one-dimensional Bose gas    [PDF]

Ovidiu I. Patu, Andreas Klumper

1211.4201 (Seung Ki Baek)

Vortex interaction on curved surfaces    [PDF]

Seung Ki Baek

1211.4209 (A. Gnoli et al.)

Brownian ratchet driven by Coulomb friction    [PDF]

A. Gnoli, A. Petri, F. Dalton, G. Gradenigo, G. Pontuale, A. Sarracino, A. Puglisi

1211.4295 (Zhongzhi Zhang et al.)

Optimal and suboptimal networks for efficient navigation measured by
mean-first passage time of random walks

Zhongzhi Zhang, Yibin Sheng, Zhengyi Hu, Guanrong Chen

1211.4335 (Jesper Lykke Jacobsen et al.)

Transfer matrix computation of critical polynomials for two-dimensional
Potts models

Jesper Lykke Jacobsen, Christian R. Scullard

1211.4364 (Isao Nishikawa et al.)

Finite-size scaling in globally coupled phase oscillators with a general
coupling scheme

Isao Nishikawa, Koji Iwayama, Gouhei Tanaka, Takehiko Horita, Kazuyuki Aihara

1211.4393 (Seongjin Kim et al.)

Comparison of free energy estimators and their dependence on dissipated

Seongjin Kim, Yong Woon Kim, Peter Talkner, Juyeon Yi

1211.4395 (Juyeon Yi et al.)

Nonequilibrium work by quantum projective measurements    [PDF]

Juyeon Yi, Yong Woon Kim

1211.4434 (O. Melchert et al.)

Information theoretic approach to ground-state phase transitions for two
and three-dimensional frustrated spin systems

O. Melchert, A. K. Hartmann

1211.4440 (Daan Frenkel)

Simulations: the dark side    [PDF]

Daan Frenkel

1211.4449 (Peter E. Finch et al.)

The $D(D_{3})$-anyon chain: integrable boundary conditions and
excitation spectra

Peter E. Finch, Holger Frahm

1211.4465 (Simone Ziraldo et al.)

Relaxation and Thermalization after a Quantum Quench: Why Localization
is Important

Simone Ziraldo, Giuseppe E. Santoro

1211.4478 (K. Gorska et al.)

Exact and explicit evaluation of Brezin-Hikami kernels    [PDF]

K. Gorska, K. A. Penson

1211.4530 (Markus Spanner et al.)

Dynamic arrest in model porous media -- intermediate scattering

Markus Spanner, Simon K. Schnyder, Felix Höfling, Thomas Voigtmann, Thomas Franosch