Wednesday, January 30, 2013

1112.5164 (Akos Rapp et al.)

Asymptotic scattering and duality in the one-dimensional three-state
quantum Potts model on a lattice

Akos Rapp, Peter Schmitteckert, Gabor Takacs, Gergely Zarand

1301.6758 (Elisa Ercolessi et al.)

Modular invariance in the gapped XYZ spin chain    [PDF]

Elisa Ercolessi, Stefano Evangelisti, Fabio Franchini, Francesco Ravanini

1301.6821 (K. Liu et al.)

Effect of Dilution on Spinodals and Pseudospinodals    [PDF]

K. Liu, W. Klein, C. A. Serino

1301.6827 (Riccardo Fantoni)

Hellmann and Feynman theorem versus diffusion Monte Carlo experiment    [PDF]

Riccardo Fantoni

1301.6828 (Zhe Fu et al.)

Ising-like transitions in the O($n$) loop model on the square lattice    [PDF]

Zhe Fu, Wenan Guo, Henk W. J. Blöte

1301.6841 (Jeong-Man Park et al.)

Short-time response function of the modular dilute SK model    [PDF]

Jeong-Man Park, Michael W. Deem

1301.6920 (V. Belitsky et al.)

Microscopic structure of shocks and antishocks in the ASEP conditioned
on low current

V. Belitsky, G. M. Schütz

1301.6948 (Roberto Artuso et al.)

Comment on "Lyapunov statistics and mixing rates for intermittent

Roberto Artuso, Cesar Manchein

1301.6967 (O. Melchert)

Percolation thresholds on planar Euclidean relative neighborhood graphs    [PDF]

O. Melchert

1301.6981 (Carl P. Goodrich et al.)

Stability of jammed packings I: the rigidity length scale    [PDF]

Carl P. Goodrich, Wouter G. Ellenbroek, Andrea J. Liu

1301.6982 (Samuel S. Schoenholz et al.)

Stability of jammed packings II: the transverse length scale    [PDF]

Samuel S. Schoenholz, Carl P. Goodrich, Oleg Kogan, Andrea J. Liu, Sidney R. Nagel

1301.6986 (Arnaud Hemmerle et al.)

Controlling interactions in supported bilayers from weak electrostatic
repulsion to high osmotic pressure

Arnaud Hemmerle, Linda Malaquin, Thierry Charitat, Sigolène Lecuyer, Giovanna Fragneto, Jean Daillant

1301.7019 (J. S. Langer)

Ising Model of a Glass Transition    [PDF]

J. S. Langer

1301.7021 (R. Dorner et al.)

Extracting quantum work statistics and fluctuation theorems by single
qubit interferometry

R. Dorner, S. R. Clark, L. Heaney, R. Fazio, J. Goold, V. Vedral

1301.7030 (Laura Mazzola et al.)

Measuring the characteristic function of the work distribution    [PDF]

Laura Mazzola, Gabriele De Chiara, Mauro Paternostro

1301.7035 (Ken Sekimoto et al.)

From adiabatic piston to non-equilibrium hydrodynamics    [PDF]

Ken Sekimoto, Antoine Fruleux, Ryoichi Kawai, Nathan Ridling