Monday, March 25, 2013

1303.5315 (Andrey Y. Lokhov et al.)

Inferring the origin of an epidemy with dynamic message-passing

Andrey Y. Lokhov, Marc Mézard, Hiroki Ohta, Lenka Zdeborová

1303.5471 (Tatsuhiko N. Ikeda et al.)

Emergent Second Law in Pure Quantum States    [PDF]

Tatsuhiko N. Ikeda, Naoyuki Sakumichi, Anatoli Polkovnikov, Masahito Ueda

1303.5493 (Dragos-Victor Anghel et al.)

Equivalence between fractional exclusion statistics and Fermi liquid
theory in interacting particle systems

Dragos-Victor Anghel, George Alexandru Nemnes

1303.5499 (Jean-Marie Stéphan)

Emptiness formation probability, Toeplitz determinants, and conformal
field theory

Jean-Marie Stéphan

1303.5533 (Andrey G. Cherstvy et al.)

Anomalous diffusion and ergodicity breaking in heterogeneous diffusion

Andrey G. Cherstvy, Aleksei V. Chechkin, Ralf Metzler

1303.5537 (T. Verkholyak et al.)

Ground state of a spin-1/2 Heisenberg-Ising two-leg ladder with XYZ
intra-rung coupling

T. Verkholyak, J. Strecka

1303.5539 (A. S. Peletminskii et al.)

Role of single-particle and pair condensates in Bose systems with
arbitrary intensity of interaction

A. S. Peletminskii, S. V. Peletminskii, Yu. M. Poluektov

1303.5555 (Florian Angeletti et al.)

On the existence of a glass transition in a Random Energy Model    [PDF]

Florian Angeletti, Eric Bertin, Patrice Abry

1303.5585 (J. Sznajd)

Linear perturbation renormalization group method for Ising-like spin

J. Sznajd

1303.5639 (Benarous Mohamed)

Anomalous Effects in a Trapped Bose-Einstein Condensate    [PDF]

Benarous Mohamed

1303.5675 (Di Jin et al.)

Markov random walk under constraint for discovering overlapping
communities in complex networks

Di Jin, Bo Yang, Carlos Baquero, Dayou Liu, Dongxiao He, Jie Liu

1303.5694 (Gernot Akemann et al.)

Singular value correlation functions for products of Wishart random

Gernot Akemann, Mario Kieburg, Lu Wei