Tuesday, June 18, 2013

1010.2061 (R. Tsekov)

Brownian markets    [PDF]

R. Tsekov

1306.3505 (Rahul Dandekar et al.)

A class of exactly solved assisted hopping models of active-absorbing
state transitions on a line

Rahul Dandekar, Deepak Dhar

1306.3528 (Haley A. Yaple et al.)

A Continuum Generalization of the Ising Model    [PDF]

Haley A. Yaple, Daniel M. Abrams

1306.3562 (Yusuf Yuksel)

Monte Carlo simulations of dynamic phase transitions in ultrathin
Blume-Capel films

Yusuf Yuksel

1306.3576 (Arda Halu et al.)

Multiplex PageRank    [PDF]

Arda Halu, Raul J. Mondragon, Pietro Pansaraza, Ginestra Bianconi

1306.3587 (Paul Chleboun et al.)

Condensation in stochastic particle systems with stationary product

Paul Chleboun, Stefan Grosskinsky

1306.3639 (Mathieu Beau et al.)

The ideal Bose gas in open harmonic trap systems and its condensation

Mathieu Beau, Baptiste Savoie

1306.3782 (Eldad Bettelheim)

Integrable Quantum Hydrodynamics in Two Dimensional Phase Space    [PDF]

Eldad Bettelheim

1306.3806 (Tadeusz Kosztołowicz)

Cattaneo--type subdiffusion--reaction equation    [PDF]

Tadeusz Kosztołowicz

1306.3848 (Angel J. Garcia-Adeva)

Real-space renormalization group method for quantum 1/2 spins on the
pyrochlore lattice

Angel J. Garcia-Adeva

1306.3858 (Mariusz Żaba et al.)

Path-wise versus kinetic modeling for equilibrating non-Langevin
jump-type processes

Mariusz Żaba, Piotr Garbaczewski, Vladimir Stephanovich

1306.3866 (Hans Hooyberghs et al.)

Efficiency at maximum power of a chemical engine    [PDF]

Hans Hooyberghs, Bart Cleuren, Alberto Salazar, Joseph O. Indekeu, Christian Van den Broeck

1306.3900 (Denis Bernard et al.)

Time-reversal symmetry and fluctuation relations in non-equilibrium
quantum steady states

Denis Bernard, Benjamin Doyon

1306.3924 (Krzysztof Szczepaniec et al.)

Non-Gaussian, non-dynamical stochastic resonance    [PDF]

Krzysztof Szczepaniec, Bartlomiej Dybiec

1306.3925 (David Wallace)

Recurrence Theorems: a unified account    [PDF]

David Wallace