Friday, May 18, 2012

1109.3354 (G. Rozhnova et al.)

Stochastic oscillations in models of epidemics on a network of cities    [PDF]

G. Rozhnova, A. Nunes, A. J. McKane

1111.0791 (Y. F. Zhang et al.)

Entanglement and Subsystem Particle Numbers in Free Fermion Systems    [PDF]

Y. F. Zhang, Huichao Li, L. Sheng, R. Shen, D. Y. Xing

1112.6307 (Alexander Dobrinevski et al.)

Nonstationary dynamics of the Alessandro-Beatrice-Bertotti-Montorsi

Alexander Dobrinevski, Pierre Le Doussal, Kay Jörg Wiese

1205.3598 (Romain Allez et al.)

Invariant $β$-ensembles and the Gauss-Wigner crossover    [PDF]

Romain Allez, Jean-Philippe Bouchaud, Alice Guionnet

1205.3844 (P. D. Andriushchenko et al.)

Magnetic phase transitions in the Ising model    [PDF]

P. D. Andriushchenko, K. V. Nefedev

1205.3850 (Andrej Gendiar et al.)

Weak correlation effects in the Ising model on triangular-tiled
hyperbolic lattices

Andrej Gendiar, Roman Krcmar, Sabine Andergassen, Michal Daniska, Tomotoshi Nishino

1205.3866 (Hervé Kunz et al.)

DNA denaturation and wetting in the presence of disorder    [PDF]

Hervé Kunz, Roberto Livi

1205.3943 (Suman Sinha et al.)

A stochastic opinion dynamics model with domain size dependent dynamic

Suman Sinha, Soham Biswas, Parongama Sen

1205.3956 (ZH. Ebrahiminejad et al.)

Thin film growth by using random shape cluster deposition    [PDF]

ZH. Ebrahiminejad, Seyed Farhad Masoudi, R. S. Dariani, Saeed S. Jahromi

1205.3975 (Frank Beyer et al.)

One-dimensional infinite component vector spin glass with long-range

Frank Beyer, Martin Weigel, M. A. Moore