Friday, June 7, 2013

1306.1225 (Pierre-Henri Chavanis)

Initial value problem for the linearized mean field Kramers equation
with long-range interactions

Pierre-Henri Chavanis

1306.1244 (Niels R. Walet et al.)

On the nature of the phase transitions in a thin film of type II

Niels R. Walet, M. A. Moore

1306.1267 (Michael Chertkov et al.)

Loop Calculus and Bootstrap-Belief Propagation for Perfect Matchings on
Arbitrary Graphs

Michael Chertkov, Andrew Gelfand, Jinwoo Shin

1306.1285 (Carl P. Goodrich et al.)

Comment on 'Repulsive Contact Interactions Make Jammed Particulate
Systems Inherently Nonharmonic'

Carl P. Goodrich, Andrea J. Liu, Sidney R. Nagel

1306.1307 (Anatolii V. Mokshin et al.)

Extension of Classical Nucleation Theory for Uniformly Sheared Systems    [PDF]

Anatolii V. Mokshin, Bulat N. Galimzyanov, Jean-Louis Barrat

1306.1371 (Diana Thongjaomayum et al.)

Effect of Coordination Number on Nonequilibrium Critical Point    [PDF]

Diana Thongjaomayum, Prabodh Shukla

1306.1385 (Joyjit Kundu et al.)

Re-entrant Disordered Phase in a System of Repulsive Rods on a
Bethe-like Lattice

Joyjit Kundu, R. Rajesh

1306.1420 (Tzu-Chieh Wei)

Quantum computational universality of spin-3/2
Affleck-Kennedy-Lieb-Tasaki states on trivalent Archimedean lattices

Tzu-Chieh Wei

1306.1442 (Robert S. Farr)

Random close packing fractions of lognormal distributions of hard

Robert S. Farr