Sunday, August 4, 2013

0804.3153 (S. A. Alavi)

Thermodynamics of quasianti-Hermitian quaternionic systems    [PDF]

S. A. Alavi

1308.0034 (Shuai Shao et al.)

Robustness of partially interdependent network formed of clustered

Shuai Shao, Xuqing Huang, H. Eugene Stanley, Shlomo Havlin

1308.0048 (Mikhail A. Anisimov)

Fifty Years of Breakthrough Discoveries in Fluid Criticality    [PDF]

Mikhail A. Anisimov

1308.0082 (Upendra Harbola et al.)

Large deviation function and fluctuation theorem for classical particle

Upendra Harbola, Christian Van den Broeck, Katja Lindenberg

1308.0144 (Adam Nahum et al.)

Phase transitions in 3D loop models and the $CP^{n-1}$ $σ$ model    [PDF]

Adam Nahum, J. T. Chalker, P. Serna, M. Ortuno, A. M. Somoza

1308.0255 (Chung-Pin Chou et al.)

Order-disorder duality of second order phase transitions: The topology
of complex networks

Chung-Pin Chou, Ming-Chiang Chung

1308.0277 (Maurizio Fagotti)

Dynamical Phase Transitions as Properties of the Stationary State:
Analytic Results after Quantum Quenches in the Spin-1/2 XXZ Chain

Maurizio Fagotti

1308.0284 (Shamik Gupta et al.)

Anomalous dynamics of a tagged monomer of a long polymer chain: The case
of harmonic pinning and harmonic absorption

Shamik Gupta, Alberto Rosso, Christophe Texier