Friday, April 6, 2012

1109.3819 (R. Piasecki et al.)

Speeding up microstructure reconstruction. I. Application to labyrinth

R. Piasecki, W. Olchawa

1109.6503 (Jens Fjelstad et al.)

New symmetries of the chiral Potts model    [PDF]

Jens Fjelstad, Teresia Mansson

1201.5204 (Michael Khasin et al.)

Minimizing the population extinction risk by migration    [PDF]

Michael Khasin, Baruch Meerson, Evgeniy Khain, Leonard M. Sander

1204.1077 (Bei-Lok Hu)

Emergence: Key physical issues for deeper philosophical inquiries    [PDF]

Bei-Lok Hu

1204.1084 (Mile Gu et al.)

Encoding Universal Computation in the Ground States of Ising Lattices    [PDF]

Mile Gu, Alvaro Perales

1204.1114 (Tomohiro Sasamoto et al.)

Combinatorics of the asymmetric exclusion process on a semi-infinite

Tomohiro Sasamoto, Lauren Williams

1204.1115 (David A. Quint et al.)

Conformational Collapse of Surface-Bound Helical Filaments    [PDF]

David A. Quint, Ajay Gopinathan, Gregory M. Grason

1204.1145 (Pavol Kalinay et al.)

Phase space reduction of the one-dimensional Fokker-Planck (Kramers)

Pavol Kalinay, Jerome K. Percus

1204.1157 (Takuya Yamano)

Bounds for Fisher information and its production under flow    [PDF]

Takuya Yamano

1204.1182 (Gorky Shaw et al.)

Critical behavior at de-pinning of a driven disordered vortex matter in

Gorky Shaw, Pabitra Mandal, S. S. Banerjee, A. Niazi, A. K. Rastogi, A. K. Sood, S. Ramakrishnan, A. K. Grover

1204.1192 (Emanuele Levi)

Composite branch-point twist fields in the Ising model and their
expectation values

Emanuele Levi

1204.1219 (Linjun Li et al.)

Formation of nonequilibrium modulated phases under local energy input    [PDF]

Linjun Li, Michel Pleimling

1204.1329 (Hon Wai Lau et al.)

Agglomerative Percolation on Bipartite Networks: A Novel Type of
Spontaneous Symmetry Breaking

Hon Wai Lau, Maya Paczuski, Peter Grassberger