Wednesday, June 6, 2012

1204.4933 (Yu-Chin Tzeng)

Parity quantum numbers in Density Matrix Renormalization Group    [PDF]

Yu-Chin Tzeng

1206.0725 (Jason Miller et al.)

The Hausdorff dimension of the CLE gasket    [PDF]

Jason Miller, Nike Sun, David B. Wilson

1206.0755 (Winton Brown et al.)

Quantum Markov Networks and Commuting Hamiltonians    [PDF]

Winton Brown, David Poulin

1206.0836 (Jae Hwan Lee et al.)

Collapse transition of a square-lattice polymer with next
nearest-neighbor interaction

Jae Hwan Lee, Seung-Yeon Kim, Julian Lee

1206.0837 (Jae Hwan Lee et al.)

Exact Partition Function Zeros of a Polymer on a Simple-Cubic Lattice    [PDF]

Jae Hwan Lee, Seung-Yeon Kim, Julian Lee

1206.0856 (R. Burioni et al.)

Scattering lengths and universality in superdiffusive Lévy materials    [PDF]

R. Burioni, S. di Santo, S. Lepri, A. Vezzani

1206.0872 (Paolo Butera et al.)

Yang-Lee edge singularities from extended activity expansions of the
dimer density for bipartite lattices of dimensionality 2 <= d <= 7

Paolo Butera, Mario Pernici

1206.0896 (Sonia Colombo Serra et al.)

Electronic and nuclear spin dynamics in the thermal mixing model of
dynamic nuclear polarization

Sonia Colombo Serra, Alberto Rosso, Fabio Tedoldi

1206.0948 (Uriel Frisch et al.)

Real-space Manifestations of Bottlenecks in Turbulence Spectra    [PDF]

Uriel Frisch, Samriddhi Sankar Ray, Ganapati Sahoo, Debarghya Banerjee, Rahul Pandit

1206.0973 (Ulrich Dobramysl et al.)

Environmental vs. demographic variability in two-species predator-prey

Ulrich Dobramysl, Uwe C. Tauber

1206.1003 (Thiago G. Mattos et al.)

First passages in bounded domains: When is the mean first passage time

Thiago G. Mattos, Carlos Mejía-Monasterio, Ralf Metzler, Gleb S. Oshanin

1206.1019 (B. Çakmak et al.)

Critical Point Estimation and Long-Range Behavior in the One-Dimensional
XY Model Using Thermal Quantum and Total Correlations

B. Çakmak, G. Karpat, Z. Gedik