Monday, March 18, 2013

1303.3616 (Costas Bachas et al.)

Fusion of Critical Defect Lines in the 2D Ising Model    [PDF]

Costas Bachas, Ilka Brunner, Daniel Roggenkamp

1303.3633 (Jean-Marie Stéphan et al.)

Logarithmic corrections to the free energy from sharp corners with angle

Jean-Marie Stéphan, Jérôme Dubail

1303.3641 (P. L. Krapivsky)

Dynamics of Repulsion Processes    [PDF]

P. L. Krapivsky

1303.3695 (Hanshuang Chen et al.)

How does degree heterogeneity affect nucleation of Ising model on
complex networks?

Hanshuang Chen, Shuxian Li, Gang He, Feng Huang, Chuansheng Shen, Zhonghuai Hou

1303.3702 (Erol Vatansever et al.)

Time dependent magnetic field effects on the $\pm J$ Ising model    [PDF]

Erol Vatansever, Umit Akinci, Hamza Polat

1303.3706 (Vimal Kishore et al.)

Manipulation of extreme events on scale-free networks    [PDF]

Vimal Kishore, Abhijeet R. Sonawane, M. S. Santhanam

1303.3714 (Hirofumi Yamada)

Critical behaviors as functions of the bare-mass    [PDF]

Hirofumi Yamada

1303.3726 (Andreas Tröster)

High Precision Fourier Monte Carlo Simulation of Crystalline Membranes    [PDF]

Andreas Tröster

1303.3756 (Wolfgang Muschik)

Jarzynski Equality and Irreversibility    [PDF]

Wolfgang Muschik

1303.3821 (Utkarsh Mishra et al.)

Tuning interaction strength leads to ergodic-nonergodic transition of
quantum correlations in anisotropic Heisenberg spin model

Utkarsh Mishra, R. Prabhu, Aditi Sen De, Ujjwal Sen

1303.3829 (F. Antenucci et al.)

Renormalization Group on hierarchical lattices in finite dimensional
disordered Ising and Blume-Emery-Griffiths Models

F. Antenucci, A. Crisanti, L. Leuzzi