Monday, October 29, 2012

1210.7092 (A. Bedini et al.)

Self-avoiding trails with nearest neighbour interactions on the square

A. Bedini, A. L. Owczarek, T. Prellberg

1210.7098 (D. H. Santamore et al.)

Vibrationally-mediated molecular transistors    [PDF]

D. H. Santamore, Neill Lambert, Franco Nori

1210.7108 (G. E. Johnstone et al.)

The ground state in a half-doped manganite distinguished by neutron

G. E. Johnstone, T. G. Perring, O. Sikora, D. Prabhakaran, A. T. Boothroyd

1210.7124 (Matteo Marcuzzi et al.)

Collective non-equilibrium dynamics at surfaces and the spatio-temporal

Matteo Marcuzzi, Andrea Gambassi, Michel Pleimling

1210.7135 (Prashant Kumar et al.)

Geodesics in Information Geometry : Classical and Quantum Phase

Prashant Kumar, Subhash Mahapatra, Prabwal Phukon, Tapobrata Sarkar

1210.7142 (Mariusz Bialecki)

An explanation of the shape of the universal curve of the Scaling Law
for the Earthquake Recurrence Time Distributions

Mariusz Bialecki

1210.7143 (Nicolas Crampe et al.)

Quantum spins on star graphs and the Kondo model    [PDF]

Nicolas Crampe, Andrea Trombettoni

1210.7169 (C. A. Linhares et al.)

Spontaneous symmetry restoration in a field theory at finite chemical
potential in a toroidal topology

C. A. Linhares, A. P. C. Malbouisson, J. M. C. Malbouisson, I. Roditi

1210.7196 (A. Bedini et al.)

Weighting of topologically different interactions in a model of
two-dimensional polymer collapse

A. Bedini, A. L. Owczarek, T. Prellberg