Wednesday, May 29, 2013

1201.1727 (Anandamohan Ghosh et al.)

Relaxation dynamics of the Kuramoto model with uniformly distributed
natural frequencies

Anandamohan Ghosh, Shamik Gupta

1305.6325 (Cristobal A. Navarro et al.)

Multi-core computation of transfer matrices for strip lattices in the
Potts model

Cristobal A. Navarro, Fabrizio Canfora, Nancy Hitschfeld Kahler

1305.6412 (Herbert Spohn)

Nonlinear fluctuating hydrodynamics for anharmonic chains    [PDF]

Herbert Spohn

1305.6455 (Tomasz Srokowski)

Bistable generalised Langevin dynamics driven by correlated noise
possessing a long jump distribution: barrier crossing and stochastic

Tomasz Srokowski

1305.6475 (M. Paoluzzi et al.)

Effective run-and-tumble dynamics of bacteria baths    [PDF]

M. Paoluzzi, R. Di Leonardo, L. Angelani

1305.6487 (Aleksandar Bogojevic et al.)

Scaling exponents and phase separation in a nonlinear network model
inspired by the gravitational accretion

Aleksandar Bogojevic, Antun Balaz, Aleksandar Belic

1305.6490 (Anthony Perret et al.)

Near-extreme statistics of Brownian motion    [PDF]

Anthony Perret, Alain Comtet, Satya N. Majumdar, Gregory Schehr

1305.6538 (Xiao Chen et al.)

Quantum Entanglement and Thermal Reduced Density Matrices in Fermion and
Spin Systems on Ladders

Xiao Chen, Eduardo Fradkin

1305.6551 (Hiroki Majima et al.)

Statistical mechanical expression of entropy production for an open
quantum system

Hiroki Majima, Akira Suzuki

1305.6580 (Michael Assaf et al.)

Cooperation dilemma in finite populations under fluctuating environments    [PDF]

Michael Assaf, Mauro Mobilia, Elijah Roberts

1305.6589 (Philipp Strasberg et al.)

Thermodynamics of Quantum-Jump-Conditioned Feedback Control    [PDF]

Philipp Strasberg, Gernot Schaller, Tobias Brandes, Massimiliano Esposito

1305.6602 (Justin P. Bergfield et al.)

Tunable Quantum Temperature Oscillations in Graphene and Carbon

Justin P. Bergfield, Mark A. Ratner, Charles A. Stafford, Massimiliano Di Ventra