Friday, August 31, 2012

1106.2823 (Jacek Dziarmaga et al.)

Topological Schrödinger cats: Non-local quantum superpositions of
topological defects

Jacek Dziarmaga, Wojciech H. Zurek, Michael Zwolak

1108.2985 (Fernando G. S. L. Brandão et al.)

Convergence to equilibrium under a random Hamiltonian    [PDF]

Fernando G. S. L. Brandão, Piotr Ćwikliński, Michał Horodecki, Paweł Horodecki, Jarosław Korbicz, Marek Mozrzymas

1208.6272 (M. Leticia Rubio Puzzo et al.)

Damage Spreading in a Driven Lattice Gas Model    [PDF]

M. Leticia Rubio Puzzo, Gustavo P. Saracco, Ezequiel V. Albano

1208.6033 (Aleks Reinhardt et al.)

Local order parameters for use in driving homogeneous ice nucleation
with all-atom models of water

Aleks Reinhardt, Jonathan P. K. Doye, Eva G. Noya, Carlos Vega

1208.6116 (Gianluca Martelloni et al.)

A computational toy model for shallow landslides: Molecular Dynamics

Gianluca Martelloni, Franco Bagnoli, Emanuele Massaro

1208.6121 (Adam Lipowski)

Stretched exponentials in the dynamics and at the ground state of the
plaquette Ising model

Adam Lipowski

1208.6150 (Yoshitake Sakae et al.)

Optimizations of protein force fields    [PDF]

Yoshitake Sakae, Yuko Okamoto

1208.6170 (Jingyuan Li et al.)

Are hydrodynamic interactions important in the kinetics of hydrophobic

Jingyuan Li, Joseph A. Morrone, B. J. Berne

1208.6174 (Marcel Ausloos)

Generalized Hurst exponent and multifractal function of original and
translated texts mapped into frequency and length time series

Marcel Ausloos

1208.6179 (Marcel Ausloos)

Another analytic view about quantifying social forces    [PDF]

Marcel Ausloos

1208.6190 (J. D. Doll et al.)

Rare-Event Sampling: Occupation-Based Performance Measures for Parallel
Tempering and Infinite Swapping Monte Carlo Methods

J. D. Doll, Nuria Plattner, David L. Freeman, Yufei Liu, Paul Dupuis

1208.6209 (Vincent Démery et al.)

Electrostatic interactions mediated by polarizable counterions: weak and
strong coupling limits

Vincent Démery, David S. Dean, Rudolf Podgornik

1208.6210 (Elie Wandersman et al.)

Particle Diffusion in Slow Granular Bulk Flows    [PDF]

Elie Wandersman, Joshua A. Dijksman, Martin van Hecke

1208.6255 (Enys Mones)

Hierarchy in directed random networks: analytical and numerical results    [PDF]

Enys Mones

Thursday, August 30, 2012

1109.5440 (Shivakumar Jolad et al.)

Epidemic spreading on preferred degree adaptive networks    [PDF]

Shivakumar Jolad, Wenjia Liu, B. Schmittmann, R. K. P. Zia

1208.5259 (Sergei L. Lukyanov et al.)

Integrable boundary interaction in 3D target space: the "pillow-brane"

Sergei L. Lukyanov, Alexander B. Zamolodchikov

1208.5778 (Mohammad F. Maghrebi et al.)

Polymer-mediated entropic forces between scale-free objects    [PDF]

Mohammad F. Maghrebi, Yacov Kantor, Mehran Kardar

1208.5818 (K. J. Challis et al.)

Towards a General Theory of Molecular-Scale Energy Transfer    [PDF]

K. J. Challis, Michael W. Jack

1208.5845 (Roman Süsstrunk et al.)

Free fermions on a line: asymptotics of the entanglement entropy and
entanglement spectrum from full counting statistics

Roman Süsstrunk, Dmitri A. Ivanov

1208.5868 (Piero Olla)

Forcing anomalous scaling on demographic fluctuations    [PDF]

Piero Olla

1208.5886 (Mariusz Bialecki)

Finite Random Domino Automaton    [PDF]

Mariusz Bialecki

1208.5891 (Stefano Lepri)

Fluctuations in a diffusive medium with gain    [PDF]

Stefano Lepri

1208.5989 (Malte Vogl et al.)

Criticality in transport through the quantum Ising chain    [PDF]

Malte Vogl, Gernot Schaller, Tobias Brandes

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

0807.5081 (Till Bargheer et al.)

Boosting Nearest-Neighbour to Long-Range Integrable Spin Chains    [PDF]

Till Bargheer, Niklas Beisert, Florian Loebbert

1109.4526 (Martin Spenke et al.)

The classical $J_1$-$J_2$ Heisenberg model on the Kagome lattice    [PDF]

Martin Spenke, Siegfried Guertler

1111.1880 (Babak Sadigh et al.)

Calculations of excess free energies of precipitates via direct
thermodynamic integration across phase boundaries

Babak Sadigh, Paul Erhart

1208.5565 (A. Benassi et al.)

Optimal Energy Dissipation in Sliding Friction Simulations    [PDF]

A. Benassi, A. Vanossi, G. E. Santoro, E. Tosatti

1208.5621 (Domingos S. P. Salazar et al.)

Multicanonical distribution: Statistical equilibrium of multiscale

Domingos S. P. Salazar, Giovani L. Vasconcelos

1208.5624 (G. L. Vasconcelos et al.)

Multicanonical distribution and the origin of power laws    [PDF]

G. L. Vasconcelos, D. S. P. Salazar

1208.5669 (Thomas Gueudre et al.)

Directed polymer near a hard wall and KPZ equation in the half-space    [PDF]

Thomas Gueudre, Pierre Le Doussal

1208.5699 (David Andrieux)

Equivalence classes for large deviations    [PDF]

David Andrieux

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

1108.1734 (Garry Goldstein et al.)

Exact Zero Modes in Closed Systems of Interacting Fermions    [PDF]

Garry Goldstein, Claudio Chamon

1208.5048 (R. M. S. Ferreira et al.)

Analytical results for long time behavior in anomalous diffusion    [PDF]

R. M. S. Ferreira, M. V. S. Santos, C. C. Donato, J. S. Andrade Jr, F. A. Oliveira

1208.5052 (Peter Ronhovde et al.)

Local multiresolution order in community detection    [PDF]

Peter Ronhovde, Zohar Nussinov

1208.5077 (Peter N. Meisinger et al.)

PT Symmetry in Classical and Quantum Statistical Mechanics    [PDF]

Peter N. Meisinger, Michael C. Ogilvie

1208.5081 (Hendrick W. de Haan et al.)

Monte Carlo Approaches for Simulating a Particle at a Diffusivity
Interface and the "Ito--Stratonovich Dilemma"

Hendrick W. de Haan, Mykyta V. Chubynsky, Gary W. Slater

1208.5103 (Hiroaki Matsueda)

Embedding Quantum Information into Classical Spacetime: Perspective to
Tsallis Statistics and AdS/CFT Correspondence

Hiroaki Matsueda

1208.5105 (Phil Attard)

Optimising Principle for Non-Equilibrium Phase Transitions and Pattern
Formation with Results for Heat Convection

Phil Attard

1208.5106 (Hiroaki Matsueda)

Topology and Geometric Structure of Branching MERA Network    [PDF]

Hiroaki Matsueda

1208.5110 (Rong-Tao Qiu et al.)

Mean first-passage time of quantum transition processes    [PDF]

Rong-Tao Qiu, Wu-Sheng Dai, Mi Xie

1208.5147 (David Hansmann et al.)

Coarse grained approach for volume conserving models    [PDF]

David Hansmann, Rubén C. Buceta

1208.5153 (Taro Nagao)

Spectral Density of Complex Networks with Two Species of Nodes    [PDF]

Taro Nagao

1208.5252 (Roberto Venegeroles)

Thermodynamic phase transitions for Pomeau-Manneville maps    [PDF]

Roberto Venegeroles

1208.5263 (Sven Bachmann)

On ground state phases of quantum spin systems    [PDF]

Sven Bachmann

1208.5305 (Hiroaki Matsueda)

VBS/CFT Correspondence and Thermal Tensor Network    [PDF]

Hiroaki Matsueda

1208.5347 (Vanchna Singh et al.)

Hysteresis in a magnetic bead and its applications    [PDF]

Vanchna Singh, Varsha Banerjee

1208.5466 (Vladimir Kulinskii)

The application of the global isomorphism to the surface tension of the
liquid-vapor interface of the Lennard-Jones fluids

Vladimir Kulinskii

1208.5469 (Octavio D. R. Salmon et al.)

Qualitative Aspects of the Phase Diagrams of $J_{1}-J_{2}$ Model in the
Cubic Lattice

Octavio D. R. Salmon, Nuno Crokidakis, Minos A. Neto, Igor T. Padilha, J. Roberto Viana, J. Ricardo de Sousa

Monday, August 27, 2012

1011.1002 (Kai Zhang et al.)

Reentrant and Isostructural Transitions in a Cluster-Crystal Former    [PDF]

Kai Zhang, Patrick Charbonneau, Bianca M. Mladek

1104.4571 (Ajanta Bhowal et al.)

Bose-Einstein condensation in generalised d dimensions    [PDF]

Ajanta Bhowal, Muktish Acharyya

1208.4839 (Lionel Levine et al.)

Apollonian Structure in the Abelian Sandpile    [PDF]

Lionel Levine, Wesley Pegden, Charles K. Smart

1208.4878 (A. Figueiredo et al.)

Truncated Lévy Flights and Weak Ergodicity Breaking in the Hamiltonian
Mean Field Model

A. Figueiredo, Z. T. Oliveira Jr, T. M. Rocha Filho, R. Matsushita, M. A. Amato

1208.4885 (David D. L. Minh)

Implicit Ligand Theory: Rigorous Binding Free Energies and Thermodynamic
Expectations from Molecular Docking

David D. L. Minh

1208.4888 (Ajanta Bhowal Acharyya et al.)

Bose - Einstein condensation in arbitrary dimensions    [PDF]

Ajanta Bhowal Acharyya, Muktish Acharyya

1208.4894 (Chun-Yang Wang et al.)

Time-dependent barrier passage in External Noise Modulated
System-reservoir Environment

Chun-Yang Wang, Jun Huang

1208.4903 (Seung Ki Baek et al.)

Double stochastic resonance in the mean-field $q$-state clock models    [PDF]

Seung Ki Baek, Beom Jun Kim

1208.4915 (Huanan Li et al.)

Cumulant generating function formula of heat transfer in ballistic
system with lead-lead coupling

Huanan Li, Bijay Kumar Agarwalla, Jian-Sheng Wang

1208.4916 (Vandana Yadav et al.)

Phase-plane analysis of driven multi-lane exclusion models    [PDF]

Vandana Yadav, Rajesh Singh, Sutapa Mukherji

1208.4933 (N. Golubeva et al.)

Efficiency at maximum power of interacting molecular machines    [PDF]

N. Golubeva, A. Imparato

1208.4961 (Ross Dorner et al.)

Correlations in Quantum Physics    [PDF]

Ross Dorner, Vlatko Vedral

1208.4962 (Jaegon Um et al.)

Entanglement versus mutual information in quantum spin chains    [PDF]

Jaegon Um, Hyunggyu Park, Haye Hinrichsen

1208.4973 (Simone Pigolotti et al.)

Growth, competition and cooperation in spatial population genetics    [PDF]

Simone Pigolotti, Roberto Benzi, Prasad Perlekar Mogens H. Jensen, Federico Toschi, David R. Nelson

1208.4991 (N. V. Antonov et al.)

Critical behaviour of the randomly stirred dynamical Potts model: Novel
universality class and effects of compressibility

N. V. Antonov, A. S. Kapustin

Friday, August 24, 2012

0911.0639 (V. E. Kravtsov)

Random matrix theory: Wigner-Dyson statistics and beyond. (Lecture notes
of a course given at SISSA (Trieste, Italy))

V. E. Kravtsov

1208.4647 (Yoshihiro Nishiyama)

Deconfined-critical behavior of the VBS- and nematic-order parameters
for the spatially anisotropic S=1-spin model

Yoshihiro Nishiyama

1208.4652 (Tarek A. Elsayed et al.)

Regression relation for pure quantum states and its implications for
efficient computing

Tarek A. Elsayed, Boris V. Fine

1208.4662 (Dandan Hu et al.)

Segmenting Intracellular Distribution Images Derived by Fluorescent Dyes
Using a Potts Model Hamiltonian

Dandan Hu, Pinaki Sarder, Peter Ronhovde, Sharon Bloch, Samuel Achilefu, Zohar Nussinov

1208.4710 (Anshuman Dey et al.)

Information Geometry and Quantum Phase Transitions in the Dicke Model    [PDF]

Anshuman Dey, Subhash Mahapatra, Pratim Roy, Tapobrata Sarkar

1208.4758 (Raoul D. Schram et al.)

SAWdoubler: a program for counting self-avoiding walks    [PDF]

Raoul D. Schram, Gerard T. Barkema, Rob H. Bisseling

1208.4767 (Shu-Chiuan Chang et al.)

Some Exact Results on Bond Percolation    [PDF]

Shu-Chiuan Chang, Robert Shrock

1208.4794 (Markus Gross et al.)

Critical dynamics of an isothermal non-ideal fluid    [PDF]

Markus Gross, Fathollah Varnik

1208.4817 (Marcelo S. Sarandy et al.)

Quantum discord in the ground state of spin chains    [PDF]

Marcelo S. Sarandy, Thiago R. de Oliveira, Luigi Amico

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

1208.4039 (Anne Mounier et al.)

The Hatano-Sasa equality: transitions between steady states in a
granular gas

Anne Mounier, Antoine Naert

1208.3688 (Jeremi K. Ochab et al.)

Maximal entropy random walk in community finding    [PDF]

Jeremi K. Ochab, Zdzisław Burda

1208.3720 (Salvatore Torquato et al.)

Effect of Dimensionality on the Continuum Percolation of Overlapping
Hyperspheres and Hypercubes: II. Simulation Results and Analyses

Salvatore Torquato, Yang Jiao

1208.3757 (Edward Farhi et al.)

The performance of the quantum adiabatic algorithm on random instances
of two optimization problems on regular hypergraphs

Edward Farhi, David Gosset, Itay Hen, A. W. Sandvik, Peter Shor, A. P. Young, Francesco Zamponi

1208.3804 (John J. Williamson et al.)

The effects of polydispersity and metastability on crystal growth

John J. Williamson, R. Mike L. Evans

1208.3825 (Tokuro Shimokawa et al.)

Magnetization curve of the kagome-strip-lattice antiferromagnet    [PDF]

Tokuro Shimokawa, Hiroki Nakano

1208.3860 (V. A. De Lorenci et al.)

Light-cone fluctuations and the renormalized stress tensor of a massless
scalar field

V. A. De Lorenci, G. Menezes, N. F. Svaiter

1208.3932 (Stephan Korden)

Beyond the Rosenfeld Functional: Loop Contributions in Fundamental
Measure Theory

Stephan Korden

1208.3948 (Jang-il Sohn)

Path Entropy Changes in Quasi-Static Approach    [PDF]

Jang-il Sohn

1208.3957 (M. E. Cates)

Diffusive transport without detailed balance in motile bacteria: Does
microbiology need statistical physics?

M. E. Cates

1208.3969 (Guillaume Michel et al.)

A local fluctuation theorem for large systems    [PDF]

Guillaume Michel, Debra J. Searles

1208.3995 (Gabriel T. Landi et al.)

Linear response theory for arbitrary periodic signals    [PDF]

Gabriel T. Landi, Mario J. de Oliveira

1208.4033 (A. J. A. James et al.)

Understanding the entanglement entropy and spectra of 2D quantum systems
through arrays of coupled 1D chains

A. J. A. James, R. M. Konik

1208.4089 (Jiajia Dong et al.)

Entrainment and unit velocity: Surprises in an accelerated exclusion

Jiajia Dong, Stefan Klumpp, Royce K. P. Zia

1208.4091 (Attila Szolnoki et al.)

Wisdom of groups promotes cooperation in evolutionary social dilemmas    [PDF]

Attila Szolnoki, Zhen Wang, Matjaz Perc

Monday, August 20, 2012

1208.3497 (Gregory L. Eyink et al.)

Do Sweeping Effects Suppress Particle Dispersion in Synthetic

Gregory L. Eyink, Damien Benveniste

1208.3503 (Raul A. Santos)

Bulk-Boundary correspondence of entanglement spectrum in 2D spin ground

Raul A. Santos

1208.3579 (Matej Kanduc et al.)

Attraction between Neutral Dielectrics Mediated by Multivalent Ions in
an Asymmetric Ionic Fluid

Matej Kanduc, Ali Naji, Jan Forsman, Rudolf Podgornik

1208.3584 (Ganna Berezovska et al.)

Accounting for the kinetics in order parameter analysis: lessons from
theoretical models and a disordered peptide

Ganna Berezovska, Diego Prada-Gracia, Stefano Mostarda, Francesco Rao

1208.3602 (Yuri Yu. Tarasevich et al.)

Percolation of linear $k$-mers on square lattice: from isotropic through
partially ordered to completely aligned state

Yuri Yu. Tarasevich, Nikolai I. Lebovka, Valeri V. Laptev

1208.3621 (George Alexandru Nemnes et al.)

Fractional exclusion statistics in disordered interacting systems    [PDF]

George Alexandru Nemnes, Dragos-Victor Anghel

1208.3632 (Elliott H. Lieb et al.)

Proof of an entropy conjecture for Bloch coherent spin states and its

Elliott H. Lieb, Jan Philip Solovej

Friday, August 17, 2012

1208.3204 (Amir Esmaeil Mosaffa)

Symmetric Orbifolds and Entanglement Entropy for Primary Excitations in
Two Dimensional CFT

Amir Esmaeil Mosaffa

1208.3220 (James F. Lutsko et al.)

Classical nucleation theory from a dynamical approach to nucleation    [PDF]

James F. Lutsko, Miguel A. Durán-Olivencia

1208.3250 (P. L. Krapivsky)

Symmetric Exclusion Process with a Localized Source    [PDF]

P. L. Krapivsky

1208.3265 (George Ruppeiner)

Thermodynamic curvature from the critical point to the triple point    [PDF]

George Ruppeiner

1208.3345 (Anthony J. Guttmann et al.)

An integral arising from the chiral sl(n) Potts model    [PDF]

Anthony J. Guttmann, Mathew D. Rogers

1208.3359 (Tanmoy Pal et al.)

Renormalization group limit cycle for three-stranded DNA    [PDF]

Tanmoy Pal, Poulomi Sadhukhan, Somendra M. Bhattacharjee

1208.3377 (Ran Ni)

Entropy-Driven Phase Transitions in Colloidal Systems    [PDF]

Ran Ni

1208.3457 (Attila Szolnoki et al.)

Evolutionary advantages of adaptive rewarding    [PDF]

Attila Szolnoki, Matjaz Perc

Thursday, August 16, 2012

1109.2610 (Israel Klich)

On the entanglement of a quantum field with a dispersive medium    [PDF]

Israel Klich

1208.3137 (Isaac Shnaid)

Statistical theory of perturbation waves in transport phenomena and its
experimental verification

Isaac Shnaid

1208.2992 (Mei Yin)

Critical phenomena in exponential random graphs    [PDF]

Mei Yin

1208.3008 (Bao-quan Ai et al.)

Double negative differential thermal resistance induced by the nonlinear
on-site potentials

Bao-quan Ai, Wei-rong Zhong, Bambi Hu

1208.3012 (Bao-quan Ai et al.)

Particle diode: Rectification of interacting Brownian ratchets    [PDF]

Bao-quan Ai, Ya-feng He, Wei-rong Zhong

1208.3044 (Joonhyun Yeo et al.)

Origin of the Growing Length Scale in M-p-Spin Glass Models    [PDF]

Joonhyun Yeo, M. A. Moore

1208.3080 (Jeroen Wouters et al.)

Multi-level Dynamical Systems: Connecting the Ruelle Response Theory and
the Mori-Zwanzig Approach

Jeroen Wouters, Valerio Lucarini

1208.3089 (Andrés Santos)

Class of consistent fundamental-measure free energies for hard-sphere

Andrés Santos

1208.3149 (Nicholas Crawford)

Random Field Induced Order in Low Dimension I    [PDF]

Nicholas Crawford

1208.3181 (Smarajit Karmakar et al.)

Random Pinning Glass Model    [PDF]

Smarajit Karmakar, Giorgio Parisi

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

1112.5668 (Davide Fioravanti et al.)

TBA-like equations and Casimir effect in (non-)perturbative AdS/CFT    [PDF]

Davide Fioravanti, Marco Rossi

1208.2708 (William P. Huhn et al.)

A Free Energy Model of Boron Carbide    [PDF]

William P. Huhn, Michael Widom

1208.2797 (J. Ricardo Arias-Gonzalez)

Entropy involved in fidelity of DNA replication    [PDF]

J. Ricardo Arias-Gonzalez

1208.2800 (Tomoyuki Obuchi et al.)

A Prototype of Dynamical Quantum Phase Transitions of Glassy Systems    [PDF]

Tomoyuki Obuchi, Kazutaka Takahashi

1208.2830 (J. Javier Brey et al.)

Heat Flux in a Granular Gas    [PDF]

J. Javier Brey, M. J. Ruiz-Montero

1208.2854 (R. C. Silva et al.)

Nambu monopoles interacting with lattice defects in two-dimensional
artificial square spin ice

R. C. Silva, R. J. C. Lopes, L. A. S. Mól, W. A. Moura-Melo, G. M. Wysin, A. R. Pereira

1208.2872 (Hiroaki Matsueda)

Multiscale Entanglement Renormalization Ansatz for Kondo Problem    [PDF]

Hiroaki Matsueda

1208.2883 (Alexander L. Burin et al.)

Low temperature dipolar echo in amorphous dielectrics: Significance of
relaxation and decoherence free two level systems

Alexander L. Burin, John M. Leveritt III, Gudrun Fickenscher, Andreas Fleischmann, Christian Schötz, Mesoomeh Bazrafshan, Paul Faßl, Manfred v. Schickfus, Christian Enss

1208.2944 (J. Olejarz et al.)

Fate of 2D Kinetic Ising Ferromagnets and Critical Percolation Crossing

J. Olejarz, P. L. Krapivsky, S. Redner

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

1106.2138 (Nicolas Brunner et al.)

Virtual qubits, virtual temperatures, and the foundations of

Nicolas Brunner, Noah Linden, Sandu Popescu, Paul Skrzypczyk

1108.5207 (Daniel Podolsky et al.)

Visibility of the Amplitude (Higgs) Mode in Condensed Matter    [PDF]

Daniel Podolsky, Assa Auerbach, Daniel P. Arovas

1208.2449 (James F. Lutsko)

Nucleation of colloids and macromolecules in a finite volume    [PDF]

James F. Lutsko

1208.2474 (Israel Klich)

Radiation matter entanglement    [PDF]

Israel Klich

1208.2506 (Huda Mohd Ramli et al.)

Spectral Properties of the Jacobi Ensembles via the Coulomb Gas approach    [PDF]

Huda Mohd Ramli, Eytan Katzav, Isaac Pérez Castillo

1208.2524 (Z. C. Tu)

Bounds and phase diagram of efficiency at maximum power for
tight-coupling molecular motors

Z. C. Tu

1208.2533 (T. S. Biró et al.)

Thermodynamic Derivation of the Tsallis and Rényi Entropy Formulas and
the Temperature of Quark-Gluon Plasma

T. S. Biró, G. G. Barnaföldi, P. Ván

1208.2594 (M. Majka et al.)

Polymer unfolding and motion synchronization induced by spatially
correlated noise

M. Majka, P. F. Góra

1208.2600 (Amikam Levy et al.)

Comments on "Cooling by Heating: Refrigerator Powered by Photons"    [PDF]

Amikam Levy, Robert Alicki, Ronnie Kosloff

1208.2610 (Carlos Pedro Gonçalves)

Quantum Chaos and Quantum Computing Structures    [PDF]

Carlos Pedro Gonçalves

Monday, August 13, 2012

1112.1856 (R. Prabhu et al.)

Dual quantum-correlation paradigms exhibit opposite
statistical-mechanical properties

R. Prabhu, Aditi Sen De, Ujjwal Sen

1208.2042 (A. V. Zampetaki et al.)

Crossover from a crystalline to a cluster phase for a confined finite
chain of ions

A. V. Zampetaki, F. K. Diakonos, P. Schmelcher

1208.2050 (Fabio Caccioli et al.)

Voter models with conserved dynamics    [PDF]

Fabio Caccioli, Luca Dall'Asta, Tobias Galla, Tim Rogers

1208.2059 (Christian Van den Broeck et al.)

Efficiency at maximum power for classical particle transport    [PDF]

Christian Van den Broeck, Katja Lindenberg

1208.2069 (Gunnar Pruessner)

The average avalanche size in the Manna Model and other models of
self-organised criticality

Gunnar Pruessner

1208.2080 (Yukihiro Komura et al.)

Multi-GPU-based Swendsen-Wang multi-cluster algorithm for the simulation
of two-dimensional q-state Potts model

Yukihiro Komura, Yutaka Okabe

1208.2095 (Hyun-Joo Kim et al.)

Spectral Density Scaling of Fluctuating Interfaces    [PDF]

Hyun-Joo Kim, Doil Jung

1208.2110 (Alessandro Nigro)

Finite Size Corrections for Dimers    [PDF]

Alessandro Nigro

1208.2114 (Jean-Yves Fortin et al.)

Nature of the global fluctuations in the spherical model at criticality    [PDF]

Jean-Yves Fortin, Sophie Mantelli

1208.2135 (Carlos Escudero)

Nonlinear field theories in inflationary scenarios    [PDF]

Carlos Escudero

1208.2150 (J. C. Latorre et al.)

Corrections to Einstein's relation for Brownian motion in a tilted
periodic potential

J. C. Latorre, G. A. Pavliotis, P. R. Kramer

1208.2168 (D. Sexty et al.)

Emergent gravity in two dimensions    [PDF]

D. Sexty, C. Wetterich

1208.2222 (Sumiyoshi Abe)

Efficiency of the general quantum-mechanical Carnot engine    [PDF]

Sumiyoshi Abe

1208.2235 (Masahiro Sato et al.)

Spin Nematic and Spin Density Wave Orders in Spatially Anisotropic
Frustrated Magnets in Magnetic Fields

Masahiro Sato, Toshiya Hikihara, Tsutomu Momoi

Friday, August 10, 2012

1105.2483 (Xu-Guang Huang et al.)

Shear viscosity, Bulk viscosity and Relaxation Times of Causal
Dissipative Relativistic Fluid-Dynamics at Finite Temperature and Chemical

Xu-Guang Huang, Tomoi Koide

1111.4210 (Thomas Barthel et al.)

Quasi-locality and efficient simulation of Markovian quantum dynamics    [PDF]

Thomas Barthel, Martin Kliesch

1112.6177 (Philippe Briet et al.)

A rigorous approach to the magnetic response in disordered systems    [PDF]

Philippe Briet, Baptiste Savoie

1208.1806 (Hiroshi Koibuchi et al.)

Monte Carlo studies of a Finsler geometric surface model    [PDF]

Hiroshi Koibuchi, Hideo Sekino

1208.1872 (L. Bertini et al.)

Clausius inequality and optimality of quasi static transformations for
nonequilibrium stationary states

L. Bertini, D. Gabrielli, G. Jona-Lasinio, C. Landim

1208.1910 (Valentin V. Karasiev et al.)

Comparison of Density Functional Approximations and the
Finite-temperature Hartree-Fock Approximation in Warm Dense Lithium

Valentin V. Karasiev, Travis Sjostrom, S. B. Trickey

1208.1928 (Sriram Ganeshan et al.)

Quantum zero point effects using modified Nose-Hoover thermostats    [PDF]

Sriram Ganeshan, Rafael Ramírez, M. V. Fernández-Serra

1208.1930 (Florent Gimbert et al.)

From quasi-static to dense flow regime in compressed frictional granular

Florent Gimbert, David Amitrano, Jérôme Weiss, Gaël Combe

1208.1957 (Sumiyoshi Abe et al.)

Fokker-Planck theory of superstatistics    [PDF]

Sumiyoshi Abe, Christian Beck, Ezechiel G. D. Cohen

1208.1961 (Fabian H. L. Essler et al.)

Dynamical Correlations after a Quantum Quench    [PDF]

Fabian H. L. Essler, Stefano Evangelisti, Maurizio Fagotti

1208.1990 (Mahdi Zaeifi Yamchi et al.)

A Fragile-Strong Fluid Crossover and Universal Relaxation Times in a
Confined Hard Disc Fluid

Mahdi Zaeifi Yamchi, S. S. Ashwin, Richard K. Bowles

Thursday, August 9, 2012

1101.2607 (Thomas Oikonomou et al.)

Canonical equilibrium distribution derived from Helmholtz potential    [PDF]

Thomas Oikonomou, Gokhan Baris Bagci, Ugur Tirnakli

1103.3609 (Christian D. Jäkel et al.)

The relativistic KMS condition for the thermal n-point functions of the
P(φ)_2 model

Christian D. Jäkel, Florian Robl

1108.3185 (Benjamin D. Goddard et al.)

The overdamped limit of dynamic density functional theory: Rigorous

Benjamin D. Goddard, Grigorios A. Pavliotis, Serafim Kalliadasis

1208.1512 (Zhaoxi Xiong et al.)

General method for finding families of exact ground states of broad
classes of classical Heisenberg models

Zhaoxi Xiong, Xiao-Gang Wen

1208.1528 (S. S. Ashwin et al.)

The Inherent Structure Landscape Connection Between Liquids, Granular
materials and the Jamming Phase Diagram

S. S. Ashwin, Mahdi Zaeifi Yamchi, Richard. K. Bowles

1208.1545 (T. J. Oliveira et al.)

Crossover in the scaling of island size and capture zone distributions    [PDF]

T. J. Oliveira, F. D. A. Aarao Reis

1208.1547 (J. S. Oliveira Filho et al.)

Surface and bulk properties of ballistic deposition models with bond

J. S. Oliveira Filho, T. J. Oliveira, J. A. Redinz

1208.1580 (Jihong Qin et al.)

Magnetic properties of charged spin-1 Bose gases with ferromagnetic

Jihong Qin, Xiaoling Jian, Qiang Gu

1208.1645 (Kouichi Okunishi)

Wilson's numerical renormalization group and AdS_3 geometry    [PDF]

Kouichi Okunishi

1208.1647 (I. V. Gapyak et al.)

On Microscopic Origin of the Fokker - Planck Kinetic Evolution of Hard

I. V. Gapyak, V. I. Gerasimenko

1208.1719 (Carlos E. Fiore et al.)

Equivalence between microcanonical methods for lattice models    [PDF]

Carlos E. Fiore, Cláudio J. DaSilva

1208.1721 (Lívia B. Pártay et al.)

On the thermodynamics of hard spheres    [PDF]

Lívia B. Pártay, Albert P. Bartók, Gábor Csányi

1208.1748 (Jeppe C. Dyre)

NVU perspective on simple liquids' quasiuniversality    [PDF]

Jeppe C. Dyre

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

1007.0109 (Alessandra Faggionato et al.)

Universality in one-dimensional hierarchical coalescence processes    [PDF]

Alessandra Faggionato, Fabio Martinelli, Cyril Roberto, Cristina Toninelli

1110.4749 (N. Kumar)

Classical Orbital Magnetic Moment in a Dissipative Stochastic System    [PDF]

N. Kumar

1208.1275 (Raj Rao Nadakuditi et al.)

Spectra of random graphs with arbitrary expected degrees    [PDF]

Raj Rao Nadakuditi, M. E. J. Newman

1208.1295 (Francesc Font-Clos et al.)

A weighted belief-propagation algorithm to estimate volume-related
properties of random polytopes

Francesc Font-Clos, Francesco Alessandro Massucci, Isaac Pérez Castillo

1208.1383 (Michael A. Lomholt et al.)

Non-renewal counting processes in systems with ageing waiting times:
microscopic origin of logarithmic time evolution

Michael A. Lomholt, Tobias Ambjornsson, Ludvig Lizana, Ralf Metzler

1208.1431 (Steffen Karalus et al.)

Network evolution towards optimal dynamical performance    [PDF]

Steffen Karalus, Markus Porto

1208.1438 (George Y. Panasyuk et al.)

Heat exchange mediated by a quantum system    [PDF]

George Y. Panasyuk, George A. Levin, Kirk L. Yerkes

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

1111.3323 (Aleksander L. Owczarek et al.)

Exact solution of a model of a vesicle attached to a wall subject to
mechanical deformation

Aleksander L. Owczarek, Thomas Prellberg

1112.4414 (Sebastian Montes et al.)

Phase diagram and quench dynamics of the Cluster-XY spin chain    [PDF]

Sebastian Montes, Alioscia Hamma

1201.4309 (Jian-Ping Lv et al.)

Novel phase transitions in XY Antiferromagnets on Plane Triangulations    [PDF]

Jian-Ping Lv, Timothy M. Garoni, Youjin Deng

1208.0880 (Shenshen Wang et al.)

Microscopic theory of the glassy dynamics of passive and active network

Shenshen Wang, Peter G. Wolynes

1208.0883 (T. Papakonstantinou et al.)

Critical Behavior of the Three-Dimensional Ising model with Anisotropic
Bond Randomness at the Ferromagnetic-Paramagnetic Transition Line

T. Papakonstantinou, A. Malakis

1208.0888 (Shunda Chen et al.)

Finite-size effect in calculating the auto-correlation function of flux    [PDF]

Shunda Chen, Yong Zhang, Jiao Wang, Hong Zhao

1208.0910 (Michael R. Shirts)

Simple quantitative tests to validate sampling from thermodynamic

Michael R. Shirts

1208.0964 (Ezequiel V. Albano et al.)

Wetting Transition in the Two-Dimensional Blume-Capel Model: A Monte
Carlo study

Ezequiel V. Albano, Kurt Binder

1208.0965 (Juan Muglia et al.)

Dynamical and stationary critical behavior of the Ising ferromagnet in a
thermal gradient

Juan Muglia, Ezequiel V. Albano

1208.0998 (P. A. Andreev)

Classical microscopic derivation of the relativistic hydrodynamics

P. A. Andreev

1208.1000 (P. A. Andreev et al.)

Dispersion properties of transverse waves propagating in the
electrically polarized BEC

P. A. Andreev, L. S. Kuzmenkov

1208.1013 (Benjamin Scheifele et al.)

Heterogeneous Nucleation in the Low Barrier Regime    [PDF]

Benjamin Scheifele, Ivan Saika-Voivod, Richard K. Bowles, Peter H. Poole

1208.1060 (Iwan Jensen)

Comment on `Series expansions from the corner transfer matrix
renormalization group method: the hard-squares model'

Iwan Jensen

1208.1098 (Niladri Sarkar et al.)

Active-to-absorbing state phase transition in the presence of
fluctuating environments: Weak and strong dynamic scaling

Niladri Sarkar, Abhik Basu

1208.1161 (Agnieszka Donabidowicz-Kolkowska et al.)

Spectroscopy of the transition-rate matrix for molecular junctions:
Dynamics in the Franck-Condon regime

Agnieszka Donabidowicz-Kolkowska, Carsten Timm

1208.1202 (G. N. Bochkov et al.)

Fluctuation-dissipation relations: achievements and misunderstandings    [PDF]

G. N. Bochkov, Yu. E. Kuzovlev

1208.1204 (H. V. Ribeiro et al.)

Anomalous Diffusion and Long-range Correlations in the Score Evolution
of the Game of Cricket

H. V. Ribeiro, Satyam Mukherjee, Xiao Han T. Zeng

1208.1221 (V. I. Yukalov et al.)

Statistics of Multiscale Fluctuations in Macromolecular Systems    [PDF]

V. I. Yukalov, E. P. Yukalova

Monday, August 6, 2012

1103.3247 (Olalla A. Castro-Alvaredo et al.)

Entanglement entropy of highly degenerate states and fractal dimensions    [PDF]

Olalla A. Castro-Alvaredo, Benjamin Doyon

1109.5297 (Stefano Olla et al.)

Macroscopic energy diffusion for a chain of anharmonic oscillators    [PDF]

Stefano Olla, Makiko Sasada

1112.2963 (Spyros Sotiriadis et al.)

Zamolodchikov-Faddeev Algebra and Quantum Quenches in Integrable Field

Spyros Sotiriadis, Davide Fioretto, Giuseppe Mussardo

1208.0706 (V. M. L. Durga Prasad Goli et al.)

Quantum phases of dimerized and frustrated Heisenberg spin chains with s
= 1/2, 1 and 3/2: an entanglement entropy and fidelity study

V. M. L. Durga Prasad Goli, Shaon Sahoo, S. Ramasesha, Diptiman Sen

1208.0719 (Koji Harada et al.)

Wilsonian renormalization group analysis of nonrelativistic three-body
systems without introducing dimerons

Koji Harada, Hirofumi Kubo, Issei Yoshimoto

1208.0735 (S. M. Giampaolo et al.)

Scaling of the Rényi entropies in gapped quantum spin systems:
Entanglement-driven order beyond symmetry breaking

S. M. Giampaolo, S. Montangero, F. Dell'Anno, S. De Siena, F. Illuminati

Friday, August 3, 2012

1207.7308 (R'emy Chicheportiche et al.)

Weighted Kolmogorov-Smirnov test: accounting for the tails    [PDF]

R'emy Chicheportiche, Jean-Philippe Bouchaud

1208.0106 (Hongsheng Zhang et al.)

Critical exponents of gravity with quantum perturbations    [PDF]

Hongsheng Zhang, Xin-Zhou Li

1208.0145 (Eleonora Alfinito et al.)

Generalized Gumbel distribution of current fluctuations in purple
membrane monolayers

Eleonora Alfinito, Lino Reggiani

1208.0187 (G. Akemann et al.)

Universal microscopic correlation functions for products of independent
Ginibre matrices

G. Akemann, Z. Burda

1208.0188 (A. Ramezanpour et al.)

The sign problem in the Bethe approximation    [PDF]

A. Ramezanpour, R. Zecchina

1208.0206 (Hiroaki Matsueda et al.)

Tensor Network and Black Hole    [PDF]

Hiroaki Matsueda, Masafumi Ishihara, Yoichiro Hashizume

1208.0217 (Arnab Das et al.)

Switching the Anomalous DC Response of an AC-driven Quantum Many-body

Arnab Das, R. Moessner

1208.0252 (Ignacio G. Tejada)

Stress phase space for static granular matter    [PDF]

Ignacio G. Tejada

1208.0254 (Eduardo G. Altmann et al.)

Leaking Chaotic Systems    [PDF]

Eduardo G. Altmann, Jefferson S. E. Portela, Tamás Tél

1208.0255 (Peter Sheridan Dodds et al.)

Limited Imitation Contagion on Random Networks: Chaos, Universality, and

Peter Sheridan Dodds, Kameron Decker Harris, Christopher M. Danforth

1208.0258 (T. Koide et al.)

Uncertainty Relations in Viscous Dynamics and Quantum Dissipative

T. Koide, T. Kodama

1208.0295 (Hideo Hasegawa)

Classical double-well systems coupled to finite baths    [PDF]

Hideo Hasegawa

1208.0343 (Bela Bauer et al.)

Strong finite-size corrections for lattice fermions at a supersymmetric
multicritical point

Bela Bauer, Liza Huijse, Erez Berg, Matthias Troyer, Kareljan Schoutens

1208.0356 (Peter B. Weichman)

Long-range correlations and coherent structures in magnetohydrodynamic

Peter B. Weichman

1208.0401 (Alethea B. T. Barbaro et al.)

Territorial Developments Based on Graffiti: a Statistical Mechanics

Alethea B. T. Barbaro, Lincoln Chayes, Maria R. D'Orsogna

1208.0421 (Jorge Kurchan et al.)

Exact theory of dense amorphous hard spheres in high dimension. I. The
free energy

Jorge Kurchan, Giorgio Parisi, Francesco Zamponi

1208.0424 (Sanchari Goswami et al.)

Quantum random walk : effect of quenching    [PDF]

Sanchari Goswami, Parongama Sen

1208.0439 (Lucia Galisova)

Magnetic properties of the spin-1/2 Ising-Heisenberg diamond chain with
the four-spin interaction

Lucia Galisova

1208.0468 (B. Wang et al.)

Probabilistic interconnection between interdependent networks promotes
cooperation in the public goods game

B. Wang, X. Chen, L. Wang

1208.0530 (G. J. Baxter et al.)

Fast fixation without fast networks    [PDF]

G. J. Baxter, R. A. Blythe, A. J. McKane

1208.0582 (Maxim Olshanii)

Geometry of quantum observables and thermodynamics of small systems    [PDF]

Maxim Olshanii

1208.0588 (René Pfitzner et al.)

Betweenness Preference: Quantifying Correlations in the Topological
Dynamics of Temporal Networks

René Pfitzner, Ingo Scholtes, Antonios Garas, Claudio J. Tessone, Frank Schweitzer

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

1103.3256 (K. J. Schrenk et al.)

Fracturing ranked surfaces    [PDF]

K. J. Schrenk, N. A. M. Araujo, J. S. Andrade Jr, H. J. Herrmann

1112.3428 (Zongzheng Zhou et al.)

Shortest-Path Fractal Dimension for Percolation in Two and Three

Zongzheng Zhou, Ji Yang, Youjin Deng, Robert M. Ziff

1207.7189 (Munetaka Sasaki et al.)

A List Referring Monte Carlo Method for Lattice Glass Models    [PDF]

Munetaka Sasaki, Koji Hukushima

1207.7204 (Chengxiang Ding et al.)

Critical properties of the Baxter-Wu model on the Union-Jack lattice    [PDF]

Chengxiang Ding, Yancheng Wang, Wanzhou Zhang

1207.7251 (Babak Fotouhi et al.)

Dynamics of Infuence on Hierarchical Structures: Towards the Statistical
Mechanics of Social Class Struggle

Babak Fotouhi, Michael G. Rabbat

1207.7278 (Ira B. Schwartz et al.)

Noise Induced Switching in Delayed Systems    [PDF]

Ira B. Schwartz, Thomas W. Carr, Lora Billings, Mark Dykman

1207.7305 (Thomas Gueudre et al.)

Short time growth of a KPZ interface with flat initial conditions    [PDF]

Thomas Gueudre, Pierre Le Doussal, Alberto Rosso, Adrien Henry, Pasquale Calabrese

1207.7313 (N. G. Almarza et al.)

The nature of the ordered phase of the confined self-assembled rigid rod

N. G. Almarza, J. M. Tavares, M. M. Telo da Gama

1207.7316 (D. A. Johnston et al.)

The PASEP at q=-1    [PDF]

D. A. Johnston, M. S. Stringer