Friday, April 12, 2013

1304.3143 (Xin Chen et al.)

A Novel Construction of Complex-valued Gaussian Processes with Arbitrary
Spectral Densities and its Application to Excitation Energy Transfer

Xin Chen, Jianshu Cao, Robert Silbey

1304.3147 (Amir Haji-Akbari et al.)

Packing and Self-assembly of Truncated Triangular Bipyramids    [PDF]

Amir Haji-Akbari, Elizabeth R. Chen, Michael Engel, Sharon C Glotzer

1304.3189 (Zhi Chen et al.)

Multifractality can be a universal signature of phase transitions    [PDF]

Zhi Chen, Xiao Xu

1304.3215 (D. S. Dean et al.)

On the fluctuation of thermal van der Waals forces due to dipole

D. S. Dean, V. A. Parsegian, R. Podgornik

1304.3222 (Lukas Gilz et al.)

Generalized thermodynamics of an autonomous micro-engine    [PDF]

Lukas Gilz, Eike P. Thesing, James R. Anglin

1304.3231 (Bahadır Ozan Aktaş et al.)

Dynamic hysteretic features of the Ising-type thin films    [PDF]

Bahadır Ozan Aktaş, Ümit Akıncı, Hamza Polat

1304.3237 (K. -E. Lee et al.)

Noise-induced phase transitions in neuronal networks    [PDF]

K. -E. Lee, M. A. Lopes, A. V. Goltsev

1304.3269 (Benedict Leimkuhler et al.)

Robust and efficient configurational molecular sampling via Langevin

Benedict Leimkuhler, Charles Matthews

1304.3275 (I. M. Szécsényi et al.)

One-point functions in finite volume/temperature: a case study    [PDF]

I. M. Szécsényi, G. Takács, G. M. T. Watts

1304.3278 (Ydalia Delgado et al.)

Worm Algorithm for Abelian Gauge-Higgs Models    [PDF]

Ydalia Delgado, Alexander Schmidt

1304.3317 (Andrea Gnoli et al.)

Non-equilibrium fluctuations in frictional granular motor: experiments
and kinetic theory

Andrea Gnoli, Alessandro Sarracino, Alberto Petri, Andrea Puglisi

1304.3370 (Michele Starnini et al.)

Topological properties of a time-integrated activity driven network    [PDF]

Michele Starnini, Romualdo Pastor Satorras

1304.3395 (V. Dominguez-Rocha et al.)

Evolution with size in a locally periodic system: Scattering and
deterministic maps

V. Dominguez-Rocha, M. Martinez-Mares

1304.3399 (Eric I. Corwin et al.)

Universal Behavior for Bond Percolation    [PDF]

Eric I. Corwin, Robin Stinchcombe, M. F. Thorpe