Wednesday, March 20, 2013

1009.3617 (Avi Marchewka et al.)

Quantum Dynamics Arising from Statistical Axioms    [PDF]

Avi Marchewka, Er'el Granot

1108.0374 (Lluis Masanes et al.)

The complexity of energy eigenstates as a mechanism for equilibration    [PDF]

Lluis Masanes, Augusto J. Roncaglia, Antonio Acin

1303.3898 (V. A. Avetisov et al.)

Crumpled globule possesses the properties of molecular machines    [PDF]

V. A. Avetisov, V. A. Ivanov, D. A. Meshkov, S. K. Nechaev

1303.3973 (Justus A. Kromer et al.)

Weighted-ensemble Brownian dynamics simulation: Sampling of rare events
in non-equilibrium systems

Justus A. Kromer, Lutz Schimansky-Geier, Raul Toral

1303.4000 (John J. Williamson et al.)

On using the Carnahan-Starling free energy to model fluids with
short-range attraction

John J. Williamson, R. Mike L. Evans, Wilson C. K. Poon, Siobhan M. Liddle

1303.4003 (A. M. Mathai et al.)

A Pathway Idea in Model Building    [PDF]

A. M. Mathai, H. J. Haubold

1303.4049 (Leishangthem Premkumar et al.)

Localization, disorder and boson peak in an amorphous solid    [PDF]

Leishangthem Premkumar, Shankar P. Das

1303.4057 (Ginestra Bianconi)

Statistical Mechanics of Multiplex Ensembles: Entropy and Overlap    [PDF]

Ginestra Bianconi

1303.4103 (Yulia E. Shchadilova et al.)

Quantum quenches and work distributions in ultra-low-density systems    [PDF]

Yulia E. Shchadilova, Pedro Ribeiro, Masudul Haque

1303.4112 (Patrick Navez et al.)

Quasi-particle approach for general lattice Hamiltonians    [PDF]

Patrick Navez, Friedemann Queisser, Ralf Schützhold

1303.4211 (R. C. Venkatesan et al.)

Invertible mappings and the large deviation theory for the $q$-maximum
entropy principle

R. C. Venkatesan, A. Plastino

1303.4236 (Ladislav Samaj)

Thermodynamics of two-component log-gases with alternating charges    [PDF]

Ladislav Samaj

1303.4273 (Denis Boyer et al.)

Optimal least-squares estimators of the diffusion constant from a single
Brownian trajectory

Denis Boyer, David S. Dean, Carlos Mejía-Monasterio, Gleb Oshanin

1303.4310 (Philippe Ruelle)

Logarithmic conformal invariance in the Abelian sandpile model    [PDF]

Philippe Ruelle

1303.4356 (Johannes Wilms)

Mutual information in interacting spin systems    [PDF]

Johannes Wilms

1303.4411 (Alain Barrat et al.)

Modeling temporal networks using random itineraries    [PDF]

Alain Barrat, Bastien Fernandez, Kevin K Lin, Lai-Sang Young

1303.4427 (A. Solon et al.)

Revisiting the flocking transition using active spins    [PDF]

A. Solon, J. Tailleur

1303.4462 (Hiromi Saida)

Nontriviality in Black Hole Thermodynamics: towards physically and
mathematically rigorous foundation as phenomenology

Hiromi Saida

1303.4504 (Byungjoon Min et al.)

Absence of epidemic outbreaks with heavy-tailed contact dynamics    [PDF]

Byungjoon Min, K. -I. Goh, I. -M. Kim

1303.4560 (Matteo Colangeli et al.)

Current in a quantum driven thermostatted system with off-diagonal

Matteo Colangeli, Marco Pizzi, Lamberto Rondoni

1303.4597 (Peter Burgholzer)

Information loss, entropy production and time reversal for dissipative
and diffuse processes

Peter Burgholzer

1303.4607 (Satya N. Majumdar et al.)

Exact Statistics of the Gap and Time Interval Between the First Two
Maxima of Random Walks

Satya N. Majumdar, Philippe Mounaix, Gregory Schehr

1303.4608 (Pei Wang et al.)

Momentum distribution functions in ensembles: the inequivalence of
microcannonical and canonical ensembles in a finite ultracold system

Pei Wang, Gao Xianlong, Haibin Li

1303.4689 (Eric Bertin et al.)

Dissipation induced non-Gaussian energy fluctuations    [PDF]

Eric Bertin, Peter C. W. Holdsworth

1303.4699 (Dongxiao He et al.)

Discovering link communities in complex networks by exploiting link

Dongxiao He, Dayou Liu, Weixiongzhang, Di Jin, Bo Yang