Tuesday, February 12, 2013

1302.2214 (Vincent Démery)

Diffusion of a weak thermal Casimir particle    [PDF]

Vincent Démery

1302.2239 (Viktor Eisler et al.)

Free-fermion entanglement and spheroidal functions    [PDF]

Viktor Eisler, Ingo Peschel

1302.2280 (Vladimir Lobaskin et al.)

Collective dynamics in systems of active Brownian particles with
dissipative interactions

Vladimir Lobaskin, Maksym Romenskyy

1302.2281 (Paul Spyridis et al.)

Power-law Decay and the Ergodic-Nonergodic Transition in Simple Fluids    [PDF]

Paul Spyridis, Gene F. Mazenko

1302.2320 (Borko Stosic)

Parallelizing Wang-Landau algorithm in the field: the micromagnetic

Borko Stosic

1302.2413 (Chang-You Lin et al.)

Generalized Potentials for a Mean-field Density Functional Theory of a
Three-Phase Contact Line

Chang-You Lin, Michael Widom, Robert F. Sekerka

1302.2418 (E. Panagakou et al.)

Effective Mean Field Approach to Kinetic Monte Carlo Simulations in
Limit Cycle Dynamics with Reactive and Diffusive Rewiring

E. Panagakou, G. C. Boulougouris, A. Provata

1302.2452 (Anupam Kundu et al.)

Exact distributions of the number of distinct and common sites visited
by N independent random walkers

Anupam Kundu, Satya N. Majumdar, Gregory Schehr

1302.2473 (Riccardo Fantoni et al.)

The restricted primitive model of ionic fluids with nonadditive

Riccardo Fantoni, Giorgio Pastore

1302.2482 (Ghazala Akram et al.)

N coupled non-local harmonic oscillators leading to 2N-th order initial
value problem

Ghazala Akram, Christian Beck

1302.2500 (Friedrich Lenz et al.)

Constructing a Stochastic Model of Bumblebee Flights from Experimental

Friedrich Lenz, Aleksei V. Chechkin, Rainer Klages

1302.2518 (F. Molnar Jr. et al.)

Minimum Dominating Sets in Scale-Free Network Ensembles    [PDF]

F. Molnar Jr., S. Sreenivasan, B. K. Szymanski, G. Korniss

1302.2527 (A. Plastino et al.)

On the q-Laplace Transform    [PDF]

A. Plastino, M. C. Rocca

1302.2533 (Wm. G. Hoover et al.)

Time-Symmetry Breaking in Hamiltonian Mechanics    [PDF]

Wm. G. Hoover, Carol G. Hoover

1302.2592 (Aleks Reinhardt et al.)

Computing phase diagrams for a quasicrystal-forming patchy-particle

Aleks Reinhardt, Flavio Romano, Jonathan P. K. Doye