Thursday, August 16, 2012

1109.2610 (Israel Klich)

On the entanglement of a quantum field with a dispersive medium    [PDF]

Israel Klich

1208.3137 (Isaac Shnaid)

Statistical theory of perturbation waves in transport phenomena and its
experimental verification

Isaac Shnaid

1208.2992 (Mei Yin)

Critical phenomena in exponential random graphs    [PDF]

Mei Yin

1208.3008 (Bao-quan Ai et al.)

Double negative differential thermal resistance induced by the nonlinear
on-site potentials

Bao-quan Ai, Wei-rong Zhong, Bambi Hu

1208.3012 (Bao-quan Ai et al.)

Particle diode: Rectification of interacting Brownian ratchets    [PDF]

Bao-quan Ai, Ya-feng He, Wei-rong Zhong

1208.3044 (Joonhyun Yeo et al.)

Origin of the Growing Length Scale in M-p-Spin Glass Models    [PDF]

Joonhyun Yeo, M. A. Moore

1208.3080 (Jeroen Wouters et al.)

Multi-level Dynamical Systems: Connecting the Ruelle Response Theory and
the Mori-Zwanzig Approach

Jeroen Wouters, Valerio Lucarini

1208.3089 (Andrés Santos)

Class of consistent fundamental-measure free energies for hard-sphere

Andrés Santos

1208.3149 (Nicholas Crawford)

Random Field Induced Order in Low Dimension I    [PDF]

Nicholas Crawford

1208.3181 (Smarajit Karmakar et al.)

Random Pinning Glass Model    [PDF]

Smarajit Karmakar, Giorgio Parisi