Friday, June 1, 2012

1112.3922 (Georgie Knight et al.)

Dependence of chaotic diffusion on the size and position of holes    [PDF]

Georgie Knight, Orestis Georgiou, Carl P. Dettmann, Rainer Klages

1112.6028 (Tiago P. Peixoto)

Entropy of stochastic blockmodel ensembles    [PDF]

Tiago P. Peixoto

1205.2507 (Paolo Zanardi et al.)

Entanglement susceptibility: Area laws and beyond    [PDF]

Paolo Zanardi, Lorenzo Campos Venuti

1205.6851 (M. N. Najafi)

Left Passage Probability of SLE($κ,ρ$)    [PDF]

M. N. Najafi

1205.6854 (Vladimir S. Dotsenko)

Two more solutions for the parafermionic chiral algebra Z_{3} with the
dimension of the principal parafermionic fields, psi(z), psi^{+}(z),

Vladimir S. Dotsenko

1205.6875 (D. A. Matoz-Fernandez et al.)

Nonmonotonic size dependence of the critical concentration in 2D
percolation of straight rigid rods under equilibrium conditions

D. A. Matoz-Fernandez, D. H. Linares, A. J. Ramirez-Pastor

1205.6885 (Pulak Kumar Ghosh et al.)

Kinetics of self-induced aggregation of Brownian particles:
non-Markovian and non-Gaussian features

Pulak Kumar Ghosh, Monoj Kumar Sen, Bidhan Chandra Bag

1205.6895 (Woosik Choi et al.)

Bond-site duality and phase transition nature of explosive percolations
on a two-dimensional lattice

Woosik Choi, Soon-Hyung Yook, Yup Kim

1205.6949 (Zhi Lin et al.)

Visibility of ultra-cold Bose system in triangle optical lattices    [PDF]

Zhi Lin, Jun Zhang, Ying Jiang

1205.7009 (Yaojia Zhu et al.)

Oriented and Degree-generated Block Models: Generating and Inferring
Communities with Inhomogeneous Degree Distributions

Yaojia Zhu, Xiaoran Yan, Cristopher Moore

1205.7026 (Marta S. de La Lama et al.)

Impact of wettability correlations on multiphase flow through porous

Marta S. de La Lama, Martin Brinkmann

1205.7049 (V. E. Kravtsov et al.)

Levy flights and multifractality in quantum critical diffusion and in
classical random walks on fractals

V. E. Kravtsov, O. M. Yevtushenko, P. Snajberk, E. Cuevas

1205.7064 (E. M. C. Abreu et al.)

Obtaining gauge invariant actions via symplectic embedding formalism    [PDF]

E. M. C. Abreu, J. Ananias Neto, A. C. R. Mendes, C. Neves, W. Oliveira

1205.7069 (S. Mehraban et al.)

A self-organized graph evolution model with preferential network random

S. Mehraban, M. R. Ejtehadi