Friday, December 21, 2012

1109.6622 (Santos B. Yuste et al.)

A Finite Difference Method with Non-uniform Timesteps for Fractional
Diffusion Equations

Santos B. Yuste, Joaquín Quintana-Murillo

1212.4655 (Sthitadhi Roy et al.)

Fidelity, Dynamics, Decoherence and Entropy in one dimensional hard-core
bosonic systems

Sthitadhi Roy, Tanay Nag, Amit Dutta

1212.4880 (Dibyendu Mandal et al.)

Hybrid models of molecular machines and the no-pumping theorem    [PDF]

Dibyendu Mandal, Christopher Jarzynski

1212.4916 (Junghoon F. Lee et al.)

Bounds of percolation thresholds on hyperbolic lattices    [PDF]

Junghoon F. Lee, Seung Ki Baek

1212.4929 (Aurélien Hazan et al.)

A Schelling-class system with spatially-fixed switching agents    [PDF]

Aurélien Hazan, Julien Randon-Furling

1212.4938 (M. C. Ambrose R. L. Stamps)

Magnetic stripe domain pinning and reduction of in plane magnet order
due to periodic defects in thin magnetic films

M. C. Ambrose R. L. Stamps

1212.4996 (Sebastiano de Franciscis et al.)

Cellular polarization: interaction between extrinsic bounded noises and
wave-pinning mechanism

Sebastiano de Franciscis, Alberto d'Onofrio

1212.5142 (A. N. Gorban)

Maxallent: Maximizers of all Entropies and Uncertainty of Uncertainty    [PDF]

A. N. Gorban

1212.5157 (Vicente Garzó)

Grad's moment method for a granular fluid at moderate densities.
Navier-Stokes transport coefficients

Vicente Garzó

1212.5174 (Elijah Flenner et al.)

Dynamic heterogeneities above and below the mode-coupling temperature.
Evidence of a dynamic crossover

Elijah Flenner, Grzegorz Szamel

1212.5200 (Sam Genway et al.)

Dynamical Phases in the Full Counting Statistics of the Resonant-Level

Sam Genway, James M. Hickey, Juan P. Garrahan, Andrew D. Armour