Tuesday, July 17, 2012

1107.1926 (Elena G. Strekalova et al.)

Nanoparticle Confinement in Anomalous Liquids    [PDF]

Elena G. Strekalova, Jiayuan Luo, H. Eugene Stanley, Giancarlo Franzese, Sergey V. Buldyrev

1201.3190 (Laurent Bruneau et al.)

Landauer-Büttiker formula and Schrödinger conjecture    [PDF]

Laurent Bruneau, Vojkan Jaksic, Claude-Alain Pillet

1201.5170 (Junya Tamaki et al.)

Field theory analysis of S=1 antiferromagnetic bond-alternating chains
in the dimer phase

Junya Tamaki, Masaki Oshikawa

1207.3552 (Takahiro Ezaki et al.)

Balance network of asymmetric simple exclusion process    [PDF]

Takahiro Ezaki, Katsuhiro Nishinari

1207.3349 (H. C. Peñate-Rodriguez et al.)

A Langevin canonical approach to the dynamics of two level systems. I.
Populations and coherences

H. C. Peñate-Rodriguez, A. Dorta-Urra, P. Bargueno, G. Rojas-Lorenzo, S. Miret-Artes

1207.3355 (Don N. Page)

Generalized Jarzynski Equality    [PDF]

Don N. Page

1207.3360 (Igor R. Klebanov et al.)

Is Renormalized Entanglement Entropy Stationary at RG Fixed Points?    [PDF]

Igor R. Klebanov, Tatsuma Nishioka, Silviu S. Pufu, Benjamin R. Safdi

1207.3366 (Baoming Tang et al.)

A Short Introduction to Numerical Linked-Cluster Expansions    [PDF]

Baoming Tang, Ehsan Khatami, Marcos Rigol

1207.3390 (Y. Izumida et al.)

Minimally nonlinear irreversible thermodynamics for low dissipation
Carnot refrigerators

Y. Izumida, K. Okuda, A. Calvo Hernández, J. M. M. Roco

1207.3427 (Diego Prada-Gracia et al.)

Towards a microscopic description of the free-energy landscape of water    [PDF]

Diego Prada-Gracia, Roman Shevchuk, Peter Hamm, Francesco Rao

1207.3447 (G. A. Canova et al.)

Reply to "Incommensurate vortices and phase transitions in
two-dimensional XY models with interaction having auxiliary minima" by S. E.

G. A. Canova, F. C. Poderoso, J. J. Arenzon, Y. Levin

1207.3484 (Haiping Fang et al.)

Demonstration of the existence of biased transportation in the
asymmetric nanoscale systems induced by thermal noise from a simple
mathematics perspective

Haiping Fang, Rongzheng Wan

1207.3505 (Enrico Scalas et al.)

Velocity and energy distributions in microcanonical ensembles of hard

Enrico Scalas, Adrian T. Gabriel, Edgar Martin, Guido Germano

1207.3559 (Julián Candia et al.)

Far-from-equilibrium growth of thin films in a temperature gradient    [PDF]

Julián Candia, Ezequiel V. Albano

1207.3641 (A. C. Barato et al.)

On the symmetry of current probability distributions in jump processes    [PDF]

A. C. Barato, R. Chetrite

1207.3647 (M. C. Stewart et al.)

The phase behaviour and structure of a fluid confined between competing
(solvophobic and solvophilic) walls

M. C. Stewart, R. Evans

1207.3670 (Jaya Maji et al.)

Efimov effect of triple stranded DNA: Real Space Renormalization Group
and Zeros of partition function

Jaya Maji, Somendra M. Bhattacharjee

1207.3745 (Floriana Gargiulo et al.)

Influence of opinion dynamics on the evolution of games    [PDF]

Floriana Gargiulo, Jose J. Ramasco