Monday, October 8, 2012

1207.2978 (Dvir Kafri et al.)

Holevo's bound from a general quantum fluctuation theorem    [PDF]

Dvir Kafri, Sebastian Deffner

1210.1610 (Y. S. Cho et al.)

Discontinuous percolation in diffusion-limited cluster aggregation    [PDF]

Y. S. Cho, Y. W. Kim, B. Kahng

1210.1614 (Yael S. Elmatad et al.)

Space-time phase transitions in the East model with a softened kinetic

Yael S. Elmatad, Robert L. Jack

1210.1620 (K. Tsutsui et al.)

Studying Superfluid Transition of a Dilute Bose Gas by Conserving

K. Tsutsui, T. Kita

1210.1657 (Alex Szorkovszky et al.)

Thermomechanical squeezing below the 3dB limit    [PDF]

Alex Szorkovszky, George A. Brawley, Andrew C. Doherty, Warwick P. Bowen

1210.1713 (Matteo Nicoli et al.)

Coarsening dynamics in 1D: the phase diffusion equation and its
numerical implementation

Matteo Nicoli, Chaouqi Misbah, Paolo Politi

1210.1764 (Wei Zhao et al.)

Chirality in Block Copolymer Melts: Mesoscopic Helicity from
Inter-Segment Twist

Wei Zhao, Thomas P. Russell, Gregory M. Grason

1210.1842 (Mohammad F. Maghrebi et al.)

A Scattering Approach to the Dynamical Casimir Effect    [PDF]

Mohammad F. Maghrebi, Ramin Golestanian, Mehran Kardar