Tuesday, February 19, 2013

1302.3893 (C. Karrasch et al.)

Dynamical phase transitions after quenches in non-integrable models    [PDF]

C. Karrasch, D. Schuricht

1302.3937 (V. B. Bobrov et al.)

Metal - non-metal transition and the second critical point in expanded

V. B. Bobrov, S. A. Trigger, A. G. Zagorodny

1302.3980 (Silvano Garnerone et al.)

A generalized quantum microcanonical ensemble from random matrix product

Silvano Garnerone, Thiago R. de Oliveira

1302.4045 (Robert J. Berman)

Statistical mechanics of permanents, real-Monge-Ampere equations and
optimal transport

Robert J. Berman

1302.4050 (Balint Szabo)

Predictability of measurements    [PDF]

Balint Szabo

1302.4056 (Victor Dotsenko et al.)

Two-temperature Langevin dynamics in a parabolic potential    [PDF]

Victor Dotsenko, Anna Maciolek, Oleg Vasilyev, Gleb Oshanin

1302.4097 (Nikolai Brilliantov et al.)

An Aggregate Model for the Particle Size Distribution in Saturn's Rings    [PDF]

Nikolai Brilliantov, Pavel Krapivsky, Hisao Hayakawa, Anna Bodrova, Frank Spahn, Juergen Schmidt

1302.4271 (Atsushi Ikeda et al.)

Disentangling glass and jamming physics in the rheology of soft

Atsushi Ikeda, Ludovic Berthier, Peter Sollich

1302.4274 (Mario Collura et al.)

Entanglement evolution across defects in critical anisotropic Heisenberg

Mario Collura, Pasquale Calabrese

1302.4279 (John Cardy)

Logarithmic conformal field theories as limits of ordinary CFTs and some
physical applications

John Cardy

1302.4316 (Pierre Le Doussal et al.)

Avalanche dynamics of elastic interfaces    [PDF]

Pierre Le Doussal, Kay Joerg Wiese

1302.4326 (Jakub Otwinowski et al.)

Fitness distributions in spatial populations undergoing clonal

Jakub Otwinowski, Joachim Krug

1302.4383 (Armen E. Allahverdyan et al.)

Explaining Zipf's Law via Mental Lexicon    [PDF]

Armen E. Allahverdyan, Weibing Deng, Q. A. Wang

1302.4392 (Armen E. Allahverdyan et al.)

Comment on "Cooling by Heating: Refrigerator Powered by Photons"    [PDF]

Armen E. Allahverdyan, Karen V. Hovhannisyan, Guenter Mahler

1302.4417 (Antoine Bérut et al.)

Detailed Jarzynski Equality applied on a Logically Irreversible

Antoine Bérut, Artyom Petrosyan, Sergio Ciliberto