Monday, October 1, 2012

1209.6379 (Young C. Kim et al.)

Crowding induced entropy-enthalpy compensation in protein association

Young C. Kim, Jeetain Mittal

1209.6380 (Shamik Gupta et al.)

Overdamped dynamics of long-range systems on a one-dimensional lattice:
Dominance of the mean-field mode and phase transition

Shamik Gupta, Alessandro Campa, Stefano Ruffo

1209.6526 (Carsten F. E. Schroer et al.)

Microrheology of supercooled liquids in terms of a continuous time
random walk

Carsten F. E. Schroer, Andreas Heuer

1209.6585 (Renan S. Sander et al.)

Absorbing state phase transitions with infinitely many absorbing states
in complex networks

Renan S. Sander, Silvio C. Ferreira, Romualdo Pastor-Satorras

1209.6588 (Tomaz Prosen)

Generic examples of PT-symmetric qubit (spin 1/2) Liouvillians    [PDF]

Tomaz Prosen

1209.6622 (Grzegorz Szamel)

Mode-coupling theory and beyond: a diagrammatic approach    [PDF]

Grzegorz Szamel