Wednesday, June 12, 2013

1306.2480 (Alessandro Seganti et al.)

Boolean constraint satisfaction problems for reaction networks    [PDF]

Alessandro Seganti, Andrea De Martino, Federico Ricci Tersenghi
We define and study a class of (random) Boolean constraint satisfaction problems representing minimal feasibility constraints for networks of chemical reactions. The constraints we consider encode, respectively, for hard mass-balance conditions (where the consumption and production fluxes of each chemical species are matched) and for soft mass-balance conditions (where a net production of compounds is in principle allowed). We solve these constraint satisfaction problems under the Bethe approximation and derive the corresponding Belief Propagation equations, that involve 8 different messages. The statistical properties of ensembles of random problems are studied via the population dynamics methods. By varying a chemical potential attached to the activity of reactions, we find first order transitions and strong hysteresis, suggesting a non-trivial structure in the space of feasible solutions.
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