Friday, June 14, 2013

1306.3010 (Menghui Li et al.)

Phase transitions in Ising model induced by weight redistribution on
weighted regular networks

Menghui Li, Ying Fan, Jinshan Wu, Zengru Di
In order to investigate the role of the weight in weighted networks, the collective behavior of the Ising system on weighted regular networks is studied by numerical simulation. In our model, the coupling strength between spins is inversely proportional to the corresponding weighted shortest distance. Disordering link weights can effectively affect the process of phase transition even though the underlying binary topological structure remains unchanged. Specifically, based on regular networks with homogeneous weights initially, randomly disordering link weights will change the critical temperature of phase transition. The results suggest that the redistribution of link weights may provide an additional approach to optimize the dynamical behaviors of the system.
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