Monday, July 8, 2013

1307.1620 (Asaf Farhi)

A general, efficient and robust method to calculate free energy
difference between systems

Asaf Farhi
Calculating free energy differences is a topic of substantial interest and has many applications including molecular docking and hydration, solvation, and binding free energies which is used in computational drug discovery. However, in equilibrium methods the compared molecules are required to have large phase space overlap, which is usually not satisfied for two random systems, and there remain the challenges of robustness and automation. Here a highly efficient and robust method, that enables a wide range of comparisons, will be introduced, demonstrated and compared. In this method instead of transforming between one system into the other to perform the calculation each system is transformed into its replica with the different long range energy terms relaxed, which is inherently correlated with the original one, in order to eliminate the partition function difference arising from these terms. Then, since each transformed system can be treated as non interacting systems, the remaining difference in the (originally highly complex) partition function can be directly calculated.
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