Tuesday, July 9, 2013

1307.1776 (F. W. S. Lima)

Majority-vote model with heterogeneous agents on square lattice    [PDF]

F. W. S. Lima
We study a nonequilibrium model with up-down symmetry and a noise parameter $q$ known as majority-vote model of M.J. Oliveira 1992 with heterogeneous agents on square lattice. By Monte Carlo simulations and finite-size scaling relations the critical exponents $\beta/\nu$, $\gamma/\nu$, and $1/\nu$ and points $q_{c}$ and $U^*$ are obtained. After extensive simulations, we obtain $\beta/\nu=0.35(1)$, $\gamma/\nu=1.23(8)$, and $1/\nu=1.05(5)$. The calculated values of the critical noise parameter and Binder cumulant are $q_{c}=0.1589(4)$ and $U^*=0.604(7)$. Within the error bars, the exponents obey the relation $2\beta/\nu+\gamma/\nu=2$ and the results presented here demonstrate that the majority-vote model heterogeneous agents belongs to a different universality class than the nonequilibrium majority-vote models with homogeneous agents on square lattice.
View original: http://arxiv.org/abs/1307.1776

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