Friday, July 12, 2013

1307.2967 (Byungjoon Min et al.)

Layer-crossing overhead and information spreading in multiplex social

Byungjoon Min, K. -I. Goh
We propose and study a model of information or disease spreading on multiplex social networks, in which agents interact or communicate through multiple channels (layers), say online vs. offline, and there exists a layer-switching overhead for transmission across the interaction layers. The model is characterized by the path-dependent transmissibility over a contact, that is dynamically determined dependent on both incoming and outgoing transmission layers due to the switching overhead. We formulate a generalized theory with a mapping to deal with such a path-dependent transmissibility, and demonstrate that network multiplexity can bring about non-additive and non-monotonic effects in spreading dynamics. Our results suggest that explicit consideration of multiplexity can be crucial in realistic modeling of spreading processes on social networks in an era of ever-diversifying social interaction layers.
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