Monday, July 15, 2013

1307.3370 (Jonathan Barés et al.)

Crackling vs. continuum-like dynamics in brittle failure    [PDF]

Jonathan Barés, Luc Barbier, Daniel Bonamy
We study how the loading rate, specimen geometry and microstructural texture select the dynamics of a crack moving through an heterogeneous elastic material in the quasi-static approximation. We find a transition, fully controlled by two dimensionless variables, between dynamics ruled by continuum fracture mechanics and crackling dynamics. Selection of the latter by the loading, microstructure and specimen parameters is formulated in terms of scaling laws on the power spectrum of crack velocity. This analysis defines the experimental conditions required to observe crackling in fracture. Beyond failure problems, the results extend to a variety of situations described by models of the same universality class, e.g. the dynamics in wetting or of domain walls in amorphous ferromagnets.
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