Wednesday, July 17, 2013

1307.4303 (Tommaso Rizzo)

Towards a Theory of the Glass Crossover    [PDF]

Tommaso Rizzo
The standard field-theoretical procedure to study the effect of long wavelength fluctuations on a genuine second-order phase transition is applied to the Mode-Coupling-Theory (MCT) dynamical singularity at $T_c$ in the $\beta$ regime. Technically this is achieved by a dynamical field-theoretical decoration of MCT that can be studied by a loop expansion. An explicit computation shows that at all orders the leading contributions are the same of a dynamical stochastic glassy equation, {\it i.e} an extension of the standard MCT equation for the critical correlator with local random fluctuations of the separation parameter. It is suggested that the equation is an essential ingredient in the process that turns the singularity at $T_c$ into a dynamical crossover to activated dynamics.
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