Thursday, July 18, 2013

1307.4707 (R. Klages et al.)

Anomalous fluctuation relations    [PDF]

R. Klages, A. V. Chechkin, P. Dieterich
We study Fluctuation Relations (FRs) for dynamics that are anomalous, in the sense that the diffusive properties strongly deviate from the ones of standard Brownian motion. We first briefly review the concept of transient work FRs for stochastic dynamics modeled by the ordinary Langevin equation. We then introduce three generic types of dynamics generating anomalous diffusion: L\'evy flights, long-time correlated Gaussian stochastic processes and time-fractional kinetics. By combining Langevin and kinetic approaches we calculate the work probability distributions in the simple nonequilibrium situation of a particle subject to a constant force. This allows us to check the transient FR for anomalous dynamics. We find a new form of FRs, which is intimately related to the validity of fluctuation-dissipation relations. Analogous results are obtained for a particle in a harmonic potential dragged by a constant force. We argue that these findings are important for understanding fluctuations in experimentally accessible systems. As an example, we discuss the anomalous dynamics of biological cell migration both in equilibrium and in nonequilibrium under chemical gradients.
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