Monday, July 1, 2013

1306.6781 (Federico Bianco et al.)

Reaction spreading on percolating clusters    [PDF]

Federico Bianco, Sergio Chibbaro, Davide Vergni, Angelo Vulpiani
Reaction-diffusion processes in two-dimensional percolating structures are investigated. Two different problems are addressed: reaction spreading on a percolating cluster and front propagation through a percolating channel. For reaction spreading, numerical data and analytical estimates show a power-law behavior of the reaction product as M(t) \sim t^dl, where dl is the connectivity dimension. In a percolating channel, a statistically stationary traveling wave develops. The speed and the width of the traveling wave are numerically computed. While the front speed is a low-fluctuating quantity and its behavior can be understood using a simple theoretical argument, the front width is a high-fluctuating quantity showing a power-law behavior as a function of the size of the channel
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