Monday, July 1, 2013

1306.6813 (Soham Biswas et al.)

Opinion dynamics model with weighted influence: Exit probability, phase
transition and dynamics

Soham Biswas, Suman Sinha, Parongama Sen
We introduce a stochastic model of binary opinion dynamics in which the opinions are determined by the size of the neighbouring domains. The exit probability here shows a step function behaviour indicating a phase transition even in one dimension in contrast to other well known opinion dynamics models where no such phase transition takes place. The coarsening study of the model also yields novel exponent values. A lower value of persistence exponent is obtained in the present model, which involves stochastic dynamics, when compared to that in a similar type of model with deterministic dynamics. This apparently counter-intuitive result is justified using further analysis. Based on these results it is concluded that the proposed model belongs to a unique dynamical class.
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