Wednesday, July 3, 2013

1307.0237 (Artur O. Lopes et al.)

A thermodynamic formalism for continuous time Markov chains with values
on the Bernoulli Space: entropy, pressure and large deviations

Artur O. Lopes, Adriana Neumann, Philippe Thieullen
Through this paper we analyze the ergodic properties of continuous time Markov chains with values on the one-dimensional spin lattice 1,...,d}^N (also known as the Bernoulli space). Initially, we consider as the infinitesimal generator the operator $L={\mc L}_A -I$, where \mc L_A is a discrete time Ruelle operator (transfer operator), and A:{1,...,d}^N \to R is a given fixed Lipschitz function. The associated continuous time stationary Markov chain will define the\emph{a priori}probability. Given a Lipschitz interaction V:\{1,\dots,d\}^{\bb N}\to \mathbb{R}, we are interested in Gibbs (equilibrium) state for such $V$. This will be another continuous time stationary Markov chain. In order to analyze this problem we will use a continuous time Ruelle operator (transfer operator) naturally associated to V. Among other things we will show that a continuous time Perron-Frobenius Theorem is true in the case V is a Lipschitz function. We also introduce an entropy, which is negative, and we consider a variational principle of pressure. Finally, we analyze large deviations properties for the empirical measure in the continuous time setting using results by Y. Kifer.
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