Wednesday, July 3, 2013

1307.0464 (A. A. Maystrenko et al.)

Bunches of Random Cross-correlated Sequences    [PDF]

A. A. Maystrenko, S. S. Melnik, G. M. Pritula, O. V. Usatenko
Statistical properties of random cross-correlated sequences constructed by the convolution method (likewise referred to as the Rice's or the inverse Fourier transformation) are examined. Algorithms for their generation are discussed. They are frequently reduced to solving the problem for decomposition of the Fourier transform of the correlation matrix into a product of two mutually conjugate matrices; different decompositions of the correlation matrix are considered. The limits of weak and strong correlations for the one-point probability and pair correlation functions of the sequences are studied. Special cases of heavy-tailed distributions resulting from the convolution generation are analyzed. Anisotropic properties of statistically homogeneous random sequences related to asymmetry of a filtering function are discussed.
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