Friday, July 5, 2013

1307.1205 (Giulio Biroli et al.)

Comparison of Static Length-Scales Characterizing the Glass Transition    [PDF]

Giulio Biroli, Smarajit Karmakar, Itamar Procaccia
The dramatic dynamic slowing down associated with the glass transition is considered by many to be related to the existence of a static length scale that grows when temperature decreases. Defining, identifying and measuring such a length is a subtle and non-trivial problem. Recently, two proposals, based on very different insights regarding the relevant physics, were put forward. One approach is based on the point-to-set correlation technique and the other on the scale where the lowest eigenvalue of the Hessian matrix becomes sensitive to disorder. In this Letter we present numerical evidence that the two approaches might result in the same identical length scale. This provides further mutual support to their relevance and, at the same time, raise interesting theoretical questions, discussed in the conclusion, concerning the fundamental reason for their relationship.
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